Professor Christopher Bannerman
First posted: May 2017
Update: March 2021

And now the other side of Elixir 2017 begins – the creation of a new work with a choreographer and co-creator whom we have never met and who tell us that they have never made work with people they don’t know and in such a short space of time. It sounds challenging but the professionalism, openness and clarity of Annie B Parson and Paul Lazar inspires confidence and the exploration of movement material and text, some from Ionesco’s playscript for The Bald Soprano is exciting as it takes me into places rarely explored in my dancing past. And this is a part of the dancing life that I have always loved – exploring new territory, both in external form and in the internal processes, in a studio with colleagues. Once again, the surprise of having this opportunity at this point in my life adds to the pleasure of being here, now and dancing.

The Road Awaits Us

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