At last we are ready to go live with this blog – to open a window onto the life of the studios where the preparations for two of the works that will be presented as part of the Sadler’s Wells Elixir Festival are underway. Choreographer Robert (Bob) Cohan is working with director Martin Welton on a new version of his classic work Forest to create Forest Revisited and Annie B Parson is working on The Road Awaits Us. For a fuller description of the details please see the Introduction and then please do revisit the blog as the works unfold. We hope that former members and friends of London Contemporary Dance Theatre (LCDT) who first performed Forest will be appearing in interviews on the blog and/or adding comments on the work as it unfolds. Similarly comments and thoughts about Annie B’s work are welcomed.

The Elixir Festival allows former dancers (like me) to have this new lease of life, and it is both an unexpected pleasure and a challenge. We move between the thicket of daily commitments that naturally accumulate when one stops dancing professionally, back into the single point of focus that is the studio – a place where the focus is very particular and may concern the flow of energy in a simple hand gesture – and yet a place that is connected to wider ideas and perspectives on the world.

And now it is time to leave for the studio and to enter that place – I hope that you enjoy this blog and watching the works develop.

Professor Christopher Bannerman
Head of ResCen Research Centre
Middlesex University
020 8411 5610
Beijing: +86 131-6168-4859

Blog launch

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