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Performance as Knowledge graphic spacer Wednesday 3 May 2006
The Portico Rooms
Somerset House, London WC2R 1LA

Transcripts – Edit 1

Following the Performance as Knowledge seminar, our editor Andrew Stewart is currently working on the transcripts and we would appreciate your involvement in this process. In order to do this we have set up this 'private' area of the website, to enable you to give Andrew your feedback and to fill in any gaps that may have been missed by the transcriber or which were unclear in the recording. We also feel that it is good practice to consult you all before the documents are available to a wider audience on the ResCen website.

The text in square brackets is Andrew's interpretation of what has been said. The text with question marks in square brackets is material that needs to be referred back to its speaker.

Andrew Stewart's email address is: andrewstewart1@tiscali.co.uk

1 Speakers - edit 1
2 Questions - edit 1
3 Rapporteurs comments - edit 1
4 Audience specification - edit 1

Plenary - Access & Dissemination 1 - edit 1
Plenary - Access & Dissemination 2 - edit 1
Plenary - How Do We Cover Live Performance1 - edit 1
Plenary - Learning Experience1 - edit 1


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