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ArtsCross Beijing 2012
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ArtsCross Beijing 2012    
The ArtsCross/Danscross project began in 2009 with an international collaboration between Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) and Middlesex University's ResCen research centre. In 2011 the project expanded to include Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), becoming a model for international collaboration and exchange in dance. Bringing together leading national and international choreographers, senior academic researchers and outstanding dancers in a creative partnership, the project has begun to develop a 'body' of shared knowledge. This has involved choreographers' creative efforts, the in-depth perspectives of academic researchers, and dancers' creative interpretations and performances, but it has also developed a space of freedom in which to explore cultural collisions and intellectual exchanges in unbounded ways.

Danscross Beijing in 2009 and ArtsCross Taiwan in 2011 had the themes "Dancing in a shaking world" and "Uncertain…waiting…" respectively. In 2012 the project returns to Beijing once again, with "Light and Water" as the theme. The two distinct mediums in the theme this time offer an opportunity to create a completely different 'cultural feeling' with new meanings and images. Choreographers from Beijing, Taipei and Europe will each produce a dance work responding to the theme from their different perspectives and individual styles, resulting in a series of brand new stage performances. Our focus in the research project however, is on the working environment and practices of the artists. We examine the particular to see the panoramic, and the resulting performances, conference debates and writings contribute to the ways we understand each other across national and other borders, and to the creation of a unique comparative study.

View/download the Programme:

ArtsCross Programme


Robin Dingemans (UK)
Annie Pui Ling Lok (UK)
Rachel Lopez de la Nieta (UK) – Ben Ash (Assistant)
Tsai Huichen (TW) – Francesco D'astic (Assistant)
Wu Yisan (TW) – Wong Jyh Shyong (Assistant)
Bulareyaung Pagarlava (TW) – Huang Yuhsiang (Assistant)
Zhang Yuanchun (China)
Liu Yan (China)
Zhao Xiaogang (China)
Wan Su (China)


Martin Welton (UK)
Ted Warburton (USA)
Rebecca Loukes (UK)
Ola Johansson (UK)
Alexandra Kolb (UK)
Stefanie Sachsenmaier (UK)
Naomi Inata (Japan)
Tong Yan (China)
Wu Yan (China)
Mu Yu (China)
Wang Xin (China)
Du Xiao Qing (China)
Pan Li (China)
Ping Heng (Taiwan)
Wang Yunyu (Taiwan)
Tseng Rayuan (Taiwan)
Lin Yatin (Taiwan)
Chen Yaping (Taiwan)
Ho Hsiaomei (Taiwan)
Tsou Shinning (Taiwan)
Renata Sheppard (Visiting Scholar Taiwan)
Liao Shanni (Taiwan)

Donald Hutera – Dance writer (UK)
Richard Layzell – ResCen Research Associate Artist (UK)


Zhao Zhibo (China)
Guo Jiao (China)
Liu Xiao (China)
Ma Jiaolong (China)
Gao Yan (China)
Cai Wenjin (China)
Chen Nan(China)
Feng Qi (China)
Feng Zhenqi (China)
He Ying (China)
Huang Wei (China)
Xu Chi (China)
Wang Bo (China)
Wang Luxi (China)
Wang Ke (China)
Wang Yang (China)
Yuan Wenbin (China)
Chou Tzuching (Taiwan)
Hsiao Anan (Taiwan)
Huang Hsiaoting (Taiwan)
Lai Tingtzu (Taiwan)
Lee Jyuenuoh (Taiwan)
Li Yichi (Taiwan)
Lu Yingchu (Taiwan)
Mauro Sacchi (Taiwan)
Ning Chi (Taiwan)
Tseng Wenyu (Taiwan)

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ArtsCross Partners:
Eddie Nixon – Director, Theatre and Artist Development, The Place (UK)
Jih-Wen Yeh – Artistic Director/Producer Step Out Arts (UK)
Andrew Lang, Nigel Boardman – Documentors (UK)

With support from: Arts ands Humanities Research Council

Special thanks to the ArtsCross Patrons: Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Rosalind Lee
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