The magician's garden

TK Your blog is sounding a bit dreary, RL, wouldn’t you prefer a little old-school banter with yours truly?

RL Alright then Tania.

TK How was the ‘company lunch’?

RL Getting the hang of it now. Large leg of bird today, dripping with dark sticky sauces. Was hoping for more of the exquisite tofu, but [...]

The satellite is off the pace

T You’ve been quiet.

R Two worlds intercept….

T What?

R I’ve been in Beijing for the ResCen event.

T I know. I said you’ve been quiet, not where’ve you been. So what’s it like coming back in?

R To Shanghai or the Square Mile?

T Both.

R More familiar. More engaged. Great as it [...]

Sometimes not knowing is enough

R It’s a day for ideas, Tania.

T I thought you already had some.

R What do you think of them?

T They’re OK. Could do with a little flesh on the carcass. The simplicity appeals, naturally. Are you trying to prove a point, though? I get that feeling. And why push the river?

R Are you quoting me?

T Maybe. How’s your coffee by the way?

R Cost [...]

Slightly out of focus

T You’re back then.

R I haven’t been anywhere.

T Feels like you have.

R Just very busy.

T That old avoidance strategy.

R No. Really.

T Standing still.

R Yes. As a matter of fact.

T So how was it?

R Slightly out of focus. Slightly intimidating. Good to do. No jostling. Proved a [...]


R I’m feeling badly about the time lag, a bit disconnected.

T What? Like here? This?

R Well, things got busy so now this is retrospective.

T It always is retrsopective, and even was at the start in Norway, when this talking text kicked off, before blog was the terminology. That’s the nature of it. [...]

A transaction involving cigarettes

R I couldn’t shake it off, Tania, didn’t want to. Held on. And as Yong was with us I thought it could happen, thought he was the key.

T No-one was asking you to let it go. This was your thing, clearly, plants on the move.

R Yes, but it wasn’t really an intervention, more [...]