Famous toilet

A feature about my work in the Square Mile appears in The Shanghai Daily, the only English language daily newspaper here.

The photo they choose to illustrate the article is of the toilet. This was an unexpected and exciting choice. The toilet is now famous. This must be shared with Ms Guo and the rest [...]

Stones for fish, insects on Metro

We should buy a couple of packs of cigarettes to give to the head man. He can make it happen. Watch.

It’s much less expensive to come and buy hot water here, filling up thermos flasks, than to heat it at home.

I don’t think they’ll understand. They’re just doing a job, making some money.


Learning to love and the statistics of Ms Shi

Gaining deeper insights about the Bus Station South was, as it turned out, simply a matter of negotiation and patience. But could we be seduced by it in a way that would parallel the temptations of the Railway Station South?

The official at the Information Desk, who spoke no English, referred us to the Director [...]

Xu hui qu Xing huan fei Pin jiao tou zhan

From a UK perspective, recycling is endemic in Shanghai in a way that we crave in the west. Some people, mainly migrant workers, actually make a meagre living from their collecting and gathering. Money is exchanged. Everything moves on. Bicycles are even specially adapted to carry large plastic vats of food waste, strapped [...]

Fear and experience are not strangers

It would be easy to miss. Three entrances set back amongst shop fronts, like thresholds, the odd moped driving in and out. It looks like nothing. Then there were the rumours coming through from Yin Yi and other Saturday visitors, “we found this market around there as well. It must be for the migrant community.”


Gold for blue

Indirect and direct are the key to the door in warfare, the pivotal force in gaining victory. They revolve in an inexhaustible circle. Breaking that circle means defeat.

Indirect is also direct: direct is also indirect. In their infinite permutation they give rise to one another, like a circle that has neither beginning nor end; [...]

Further trans-actions

I like to spend money locally if possible, as a holistic notion, so the exciting Changqiao Huaniao Market was again the ideal collaborative partner and source of materials for Further Trans-actions.

Market movement

When The Cycle – as an overall framework – was being developed, the migrant community within the Square Mile was high [...]

Nonchalant revelation

It’s Saturday. I leave in a couple of days. Clara has had more communication with Ms Guo at the Station toilet. She was asking what time I’d be taking the Aiport Bus on Monday morning. Apparently they want to take some more photos before I leave. I couldn’t be sure which bus I’d take so [...]

A portrait of Shanghai E Arts

From the other side of Shilong Road

The entry that wasn’t quite posted at the time, but sketched in, with photos already taken to illustrate the strangeness:

My responses and feelings to living in an industrial complex that was Shanghai E Arts, my home during the Square Mile residency.

Felix shows me my room on arrival on [...]

Returning to the Square Mile

Nervous tension

Body memory line 1, line 2 from Shanghai Railway Station to Shanghai South Railway Station on line 1, the red one, next stop Caobao Road, next stop Shanghai South Railway Station change here for line 2. Body memory, 18 months ago and this was the absolute centre of my world, this circular station [...]