Stones for fish, insects on Metro

We should buy a couple of packs of cigarettes to give to the head man. He can make it happen. Watch.

It’s much less expensive to come and buy hot water here, filling up thermos flasks, than to heat it at home.

I don’t think they’ll understand. They’re just doing a job, making some money.

My Long Jing teas are already at a good price.

Then there’s the ‘bananas’: Chinese people who are white on the inside (born outside China) and don’t speak Mandarin.

Shanghai has always been famous in China for what it manufactures. In the 1930s it was sewing machines and flasks.

They keep the insect in its little container and put it inside their jackets in the winter, to keep it warm. Sometimes you can hear insect sounds on the Metro and wonder where they’re coming from.

Recycling is still a new idea for China. But you’ve always done it.

I make a mistake. I mean ‘artistic’. I said you were ‘artificial’.

I also make mistakes. I was wrong saying that mynah bird is the symbol of bad luck, actually it is the crow. And magpies stand for good fortune. It was a slip of tongue I thought.

Can we get a better price on the daffodil bulbs?

He’s selling garlic and ginger at the side of the road. Can’t afford a stall at the market. Making some small business. Cycled here from not far.

Chinese people usually are just curious.

I am inviting you to a performance of dancing, music and body painting, near Longcao Road Metro, one stop from here.

He says these stones are for the fish.

Helloo Mr Richard.

So this looks normal to you? All this going on in one public place at the same time? Yes.

You can shelter in here, out of the rain.

Can I film you having dinner?

Actually, there are places within this square mile other than the Botanic Garden that are very important to us. For example, the South Railway Station is an important traffic intersection; our school is place where we study and learn; our home is a place full of love.

Flask production in Shanghai in the 1930s

You can shelter in here, out of the rain

You can shelter in here, out of the rain (Botanic Gardens gatehouse)

Fine teas for sale opposite the Recycling Centre

Fine teas for sale opposite the Recycling Centre

Stones for the fish

Stones for the fish

Ginger and garlic

Garlic and ginger

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