Urban jungle takes hold

The thin, misty, afternoon light may be part pollution, but has its own soft qualities of intrigue. The bamboo grove in the Station South Park merges into the sky and almost leaves the traffic behind. The architectural gem of the public toilet, with its own encased mini bamboo grove, is close by.


Slightly out of focus

T You’re back then.

R I haven’t been anywhere.

T Feels like you have.

R Just very busy.

T That old avoidance strategy.

R No. Really.

T Standing still.

R Yes. As a matter of fact.

T So how was it?

R Slightly out of focus. Slightly intimidating. Good to do. No jostling. Proved a [...]

Famous station

It was on a trip downtown that the iconic nature of the South Station became apparent. There it was on a billboard near The Bund. Not just a local phenomenon.

Could some of this glamour rub off on a mere foreigner?

How did this happen?

I’m [...]


Yü / Enthusiasm


Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:

The image of ENTHUSIASM.

Thus the ancient kings made music

In order to honour merit,

And offered it with splendour

To the Supreme Deity,

Inviting their ancestors to be present.

When, at the beginning of the summer, thunder – electrical energy – comes [...]

The less famous Long Distance Bus Station South

Is another hub and major carrier of people from the south to Shanghai. A near neighbour of the station, it deserves some quality attention. Architect unknown and unfound.

Rain provides a certain gloss

By Shilong Road Metro Station

Humin Road close to Caobao Road Metro Station

Famous toilet

A feature about my work in the Square Mile appears in The Shanghai Daily, the only English language daily newspaper here.

The photo they choose to illustrate the article is of the toilet. This was an unexpected and exciting choice. The toilet is now famous. This must be shared with Ms Guo and the rest [...]

Stones for fish, insects on Metro

We should buy a couple of packs of cigarettes to give to the head man. He can make it happen. Watch.

It’s much less expensive to come and buy hot water here, filling up thermos flasks, than to heat it at home.

I don’t think they’ll understand. They’re just doing a job, making some money.



R I’m feeling badly about the time lag, a bit disconnected.

T What? Like here? This?

R Well, things got busy so now this is retrospective.

T It always is retrsopective, and even was at the start in Norway, when this talking text kicked off, before blog was the terminology. That’s the nature of it. [...]

Learning to love and the statistics of Ms Shi

Gaining deeper insights about the Bus Station South was, as it turned out, simply a matter of negotiation and patience. But could we be seduced by it in a way that would parallel the temptations of the Railway Station South?

The official at the Information Desk, who spoke no English, referred us to the Director [...]

Xu hui qu Xing huan fei Pin jiao tou zhan

From a UK perspective, recycling is endemic in Shanghai in a way that we crave in the west. Some people, mainly migrant workers, actually make a meagre living from their collecting and gathering. Money is exchanged. Everything moves on. Bicycles are even specially adapted to carry large plastic vats of food waste, strapped [...]