Gold for blue

Indirect and direct are the key to the door in warfare, the pivotal force in gaining victory. They revolve in an inexhaustible circle. Breaking that circle means defeat.

Indirect is also direct: direct is also indirect. In their infinite permutation they give rise to one another, like a circle that has neither beginning nor end; it cannot be exhausted.

The nature of water is soft and yielding, the nature of stone is hard and heavy; and yet water can roll great boulders downstream, by virtue of the torrential flood of its momentum.

The highest excellence is like water. Water profits the whole of creation, but it never contends.

Nothing in the world is a soft and yielding as water, but when it attacks something hard, nothing can surpass it.

Water shapes its current

From the lie of the land.

The warrior shapes his victory

From the dynamic of the enemy.

The Art of War, Sun-tzu (380–316 B.C.)

Three rivers traverse the Square Mile, two run west to east, one runs north to south.

The same river that dissects the Botanical Gardens – and is the responsibility of another department – also crosses Longchuan North Road close to Xiangyang Yucai Primary School and passes through the Jinniuyuan Community, a densely populated housing estate with its own bridge.

The newly constructed stone bridge over Longchuan North Road presented itself as a very public site for something, while the Jinniuyuan Community bridge held its own temptations. This was a tough decision, only resolved by return visits. The potential for a more intimate exchange and dialogue favoured the Community bridge. Old for new. Less is more. Indirect is also direct.

The Changqiao Huaniao Market, provider of all materials, was close by. And the rain should hold off.

The two bridges

The two bridges

The Jinniuyuan Community

The Jinniuyuan Community

All that can be revealed of the Market

All that can be revealed of the Market



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