Famous station

It was on a trip downtown that the iconic nature of the South Station became apparent. There it was on a billboard near The Bund. Not just a local phenomenon.

famous station

Could some of this glamour rub off on a mere foreigner?

How did this happen?

I’m integrated into the grand occasion and introduced to the Chief of Police.

Red fabric tied, exchanged and capped.

It may be an unfashionable colour but it definitely has its place.

Cap in hand

infi stn4

Chief of Police to my right, Head Teacher to my left, what a sense of security and reflected glory. So this is what fame feels like. Bring it on.

And with police protection I finally gain access to the inner radius of the station, without a ticket to travel.

The axis of the circle is a secret epicentre.

The journey starts at the core.


1 comment to Famous station

  • Kathryn Edwards

    What marvellous snippets of strangeness you are laying out for us! And how wonderfully airy is that station concourse!

    Even T seems mellow in this environment.

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