R  I’m feeling badly about the time lag, a bit disconnected.

T  What? Like here? This?

R  Well, things got busy so now this is retrospective.

T  It always is retrsopective, and even was at the start in Norway, when this talking text kicked off, before blog was the terminology. That’s the nature of it. The here and now is not and cannot be the word.

R  But when we began Talking to Tania in Greece in 2004 our dialogues actually influenced what happened on the ground.

T  And still do. You’re trying to be too rational about this. And frankly I don’t see this as a blog and wouldn’t have called it that, had I been consulted.

R  It was to do with the ResCen framework and a good way to run this parallel to the Beijing Danscross blog.

T  I’m not saying that it hasn’t been working well for you and you/me. I’ve even heard you say it’s been your ‘touchstone’ and all. But this is about the real, the actual, the remembered and the observed. Not about being ruled by frigging WordPress methodology to make cosy ‘links’ and get spam frigging comments like ”I really value your website”.

This is about tracking a process, developing a narrative. So the whole question of ‘retrospective’ is complete garbage, irrelevant.

R  So just carry on then?

T  Of course. Bus Station South — remembered, encountered?

R  Maybe.

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