Sometimes not knowing is enough

R  It’s a day for ideas, Tania.

T  I thought you already had some.

R  What do you think of them?

T  They’re OK. Could do with a little flesh on the carcass. The simplicity appeals, naturally. Are you trying to prove a point, though? I get that feeling. And why push the river?

R  Are you quoting me?

T  Maybe. How’s your coffee by the way?

R  Cost more than the lunch.

T  Ah, the global reach of sophisticated living. Anyway, respond please.

R  I was listening to this World Service radio programme this morning about how a positive attitude can extend your lifespan by eight years.

T  Does this mean you’re going to be positive on purpose now? How dreary.

R  You may not be able to tell the difference.

T  Yuk.

R  OK. Yes. You may be right. I might be trying to prove a point about how making links with the community here can be achieved for sure.

T  You seemed almost Taurean yesterday.

R  By the way, the new shocking pink external at the junction of Shilong Road is for the Taurus Neighbourhood. We asked who made the colour decision but the guard didn’t know.

T  Sometimes not knowing is enough. Is this a trend?

R  Brighter wall colours?

T  Being evasive.

R  I’m still thawing out from the bike ride and listening to the birds in the South Square Park. There’s a biting north-west wind today.

T  Not everyone is cash rich enough to hit the cappuccino. So?

R  You want me to think about how things would look if I wasn’t trying to prove a point.

T  And took the pressure off the ecological slant. When you already have the Prof on board as resident eco. What were you saying about his roots?

R  Yes. Definitely dyes his hair. Significant grey roots on closer inspection. I did find myself admiring his untainted brunette coiffure last week.

T  So maybe grey is not OK. Yet another social faux-pas, Richard. Thinking of a quick colouring yourself?

R  Think I’ll stick to the hats.

T  Good idea.

R  I do kind of wish they weren’t Japanese though.

T  The hats?

R  Yes.

T  Why?

R  Because of the strong Japanese influence here. I experience Japan as western in this context, like Europe and the US. All to be admired (by the Chinese) on some level. And I admire a lot of what may be seen as their old-fashioned, traditional Chinese values.

T  Sounds like we’re coming round to it.

R  What?

T  Those ideas.

R  Well, you know I can’t get off the recycling theme, and don’t want to. Experiencing this constant stream of tricycles laden with discarded materials and collected for cash. It just feels so right, including the pedal power.

T  I wonder if they see it that way. Didn’t Felix say they’re just trying to make living?

R  I’d like to ask them about it, or say how I see this process.

T  They’ll think you’re some kind of business magnate no doubt.

R  I’m going to keep trying on this one, so back off please.

T  I thought you wanted my opinion. No need to get defensive.

R  OK. Go ahead.

T  I know you see some kind of intervention happening in the square mile related to these tricycle guys. And they are all guys I imagine?

R  Almost all.

T  I have a slightly sinking sense of ‘the dignity of labour’, something a little patronising even. I also get a smattering if desperation, a little ‘first thought, worst thought’? We should brainstorm.

R  And consult the I Ching.

T  And remember how everything changes with a translator on board.

Botanical Tricycle

Tricycles parked

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