The workshop by the river

Items from the Bargain Corner including RANSBY, BENNO, EXPEDIT and various sundry items were loaded up along with fabric rolls from Classic Textiles and A to Z Fabrics of the Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush, then transported to the magnificent workshop of Richard Hicks, beside the river in Wargrave Berkshire. His motivation wavered at the thought of this volume of detritus arriving, but we got there in the end through allowing RANSBY and EXPEDIT to form the core interlocking element, including working drawers to signify the hint of haberdasher. Over the four days of construction the structure for Forty Hall gradually expanded and accommodated the fabric rolls now looking almost functional and workaday. And Tania approved.

In progress

In progress with stray ply supports and floorboard flooring support


Further along

Further along with purpose cut ply and large base