Bargain Corner

The quest for a cabinet base unit, to extemporise from, became thrillingly geographical. Ikea in Edmonton is almost a neighbour to Forty Hall. Edmonton and Enfield adjoin, abut and share the same London Borough (of Enfield). So we imagine how a haberdasher might be drawn to Ikea, with its thrilling global reach and exotic product names like BENNO, BLANDA BLANK, NORDBY and DUKTIG. Would an intuitive visit — rather than a functional one — yield promising fruit?


Ikea Edmonton


And more enticing even was the Bargain Corner where damaged, soiled and former display items are huddled together in desultory unity, revealed in their humble materiality as stuff beyond purpose awaiting an impoverished customer or a vagrant haberdasher to nurture them towards a successful future:




IMG_0786   IMG_0783