The longing for a starched tablecloth where those folds have previously been so flimsy and multitudinous. The recent failed attempts with noxious spray starch from the local pound shop. The desire had become almost an unattainable fantasy, mixed with nostalgia for wash days where knowledge was passed amongst the generations. But there it is online with free postage, as previously provided by Linda Theophilus and unsuccessfully sampled in the ’washing machine method’ (not recommended): Kershaws Traditional Laundry Starch. This time the recommended ‘by hand’ method. Measurements by the capful, stirring in the cold water then the boiling then cold again followed by the complete immersion in the creamy liquid of said items and ironing while still damp. Would it really work? Fabric has stiffened. Folds are different. The hang is altogether more sophisticated and reminiscent. Starching, starched.