Magpie Close and Freezy Water

The black and white printed street map of the Borough of Enfield, produced exclusively by Town and Country Publications of Progress Park, Luton in November 2007, reveals landmarks, place names of significance and surprise, hinting at its urban and rural dimensions and histories:

A10 (Great Cambridge Road)
A406 (North Circular Road)
Albery Park
Angel Road
Arnos Grove
Arnos Park
Botany Bay
Broomfield Park
Bush Hill Park
Carterhatch Lane
Civic Centre
Clay Hill
Crews Hill
Dragon Lane
Edmonton Green
Enfield Chase
Enfield Golf Course
Enfield Highway
Enfield Lock
Enfield Town
Forty Hall
Freezy Water
Goat Lane
Gordon Hill
Grange Park
Hazelwood Lane
Hilly Fields
Hoe Lane
Hounsden Gutter
Jubilee Park
King George’s Reservoir
Leeging Beech Gutter
M25 (London Orbital)
M25 Junction 25
Magpie Close
Merryhills Brook
Monken Mead
New River (Old Course)
New Southgate
Nightingale Road
North Middlesex Hospital
Oakwood Park
Palmers Green
Pickets Lock Golf Course
Ponders End
Pymmes Brook
Salmon Brook
Silver Street
Trent Park
Turkey Brook
Turkey Street
Whitewebbs Park
William Girling Reservoir
Winchmore Hill
Windmill Hill

Magpie Close is the only street in the borough carrying my name, and it’s a few hundred metres from the main entrance to Forty Hall, at the other end of Goat Lane. Arriving with anticipation, but it’s a name, just a name, for a new build estate. Or is it?

It’s shaped like a coat hanger or a bent paperclip and could almost have been a Crescent or a Road, but as a dead-end it has to be a Close. And close feels right and up close, short and evocative, like Goat Lane. I stand and take it in, trying not to think of all the things it could have been. It’s my street so don’t mess with it in your mind.


This cluster of metal so carefully placed on the grass here could be my work. I’ll claim it as mine, leaving my mark.


This area of dereliction behind the garages is so familiar, but in Magpie Close it represents an opportunity, a place to hang out and take it all in.


While the New River (Old Course) is just a few yards away, where Hoe Lane becomes Goat Lane, and very slowly flows all the way to Finsbury Park.