TK So, Richard, tell us about these new additions, these table tops….

RL I’d been imagining this line connecting the courtyard space to the long gallery and the café.

TK Yes?

RL It made sense spatially.

TK If you say so. Have you tried drawing it, marking it out, or is this a mind line?

RL Kind of, with tape and a laser light fixed to a tripod. I think it needs to be a very narrow line and maybe also pass over the tables. I’d like to try it out in any case. I’ve ordered the tape. It was hard to find.

TK That’s reassuring. Is this what got you started on the threaded tables?

RL Maybe. Not exactly. It was more about the line creating a connection with the café, it’s so close by and I’d thought about how to continue the installations through into this more public space where people walking in the park come in for tea, the ones who don’t actually visit the house.

TK Taking the art to the people?

RL Why not. It made sense to me and when I discovered how easy it was to unscrew and replace the existing tabletops I had a solution.

TK It was that easy?

RL Well, no, the principle was straightforward but I struggled with what to actually add to the new tabletop, the artwork.

TK I can imagine you wanted to carry through the haberdashery connection in some way.

RL Yes, I think you suggested it.

TK Not exactly. I was clear with you that I thought the Cabinet was an interesting piece and that there was more potential in this direction.

RL Ah, OK, anyway, I just couldn’t come up with a solution, it was keeping me awake at night. Then the threading idea appeared in one of these half-asleep states.

TK That’s how it works sometimes, the slippery unconscious.

RL I’d almost given up on the whole thing. Then it was a question of method and materials and an unexpected trip to the infamous Fent Shop in King’s Lynn‘s slightly antipathetic Vancouver Quarter the following day was terrific timing, sampling embroidery threads and waxed strings, and experiencing a formidable haberdashery re-entry.

TK It’s where you belong.

RL King’s Lynn?

TK Haberdashery.