The fabrics experience in the Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, was repeated two weeks later once the structure, the cabinet, was completed. It was another early Saturday morning foray among silks, synthetics and cardboard rolls. The familiarity of the world of fabrics takes me back to the constant smell of upholstery and curtain fabrics in the [...]


House drape for movie

The Magpie’s evolving film needed something more adventurous than birds on the roof of the house and the opening and closing of doors and shutters. Once the fabric had found a core place within the cabinet and also to supply suitable lengths for making banners, based on the Chinese banner waving technique encountered in the Purple [...]

The Duplicator

On the roll off the roll the texture the grain the smell the yard and the metre the sample the swatch the shears the weight of the shears and the disfigurement to the fingers from the shears cutting the sheen the colour the hang, cutting with the grain and the tearing method along the seam [...]

Installation 1

There has been a build-up to these two days of installing, the Wednesday and the Thursday, the last two days of January 2013, with some potential to spill over into Friday morning. Lists have been drawn up, journeys planned and agreed. So my planned trip by train to Twyford to collect and travel with the [...]

Installation 2

Before the Inner Courtyard installation was complete I’d already started making forays into the Long Gallery, erecting the large borrowed round table and ten of the twelve tables from The Manifestation, to have a sense of how the two spaces will interact work. This would be the first time an installation had appeared in this [...]

Return to the Fold

The starched folds are fixing over time, semi-rigid, lit, lifting and shaded: