The blog which follows is now presented chronologically as an archived blog narrative.


Bargain Corner

The quest for a cabinet base unit, to extemporise from, became thrillingly geographical. Ikea in Edmonton is almost a neighbour to Forty Hall. Edmonton and Enfield adjoin, abut and share the same London Borough (of Enfield). So we imagine how a haberdasher might be drawn to Ikea, with its thrilling global reach and exotic product [...]

The workshop by the river

Items from the Bargain Corner including RANSBY, BENNO, EXPEDIT and various sundry items were loaded up along with fabric rolls from Classic Textiles and A to Z Fabrics of the Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush, then transported to the magnificent workshop of Richard Hicks, beside the river in Wargrave Berkshire. His motivation wavered at the [...]


The longing for a starched tablecloth where those folds have previously been so flimsy and multitudinous. The recent failed attempts with noxious spray starch from the local pound shop. The desire had become almost an unattainable fantasy, mixed with nostalgia for wash days where knowledge was passed amongst the generations. But there it is online [...]