Crossing the boundary towards the birds of Forty Hall Park, just alongside the house. Extending a scattering of feed that will stay or go more likely go but not while I’m watching. The smaller birds are almost invisible here, likely squeezed out by gulls, crows and pigeons. The actual seed feasters remain unknown. It was [...]


The Return

Building constructing designing making an installation there is usually a time a day a date an hour when the show the door opens the private view the opening the launch happens and then it is revealed and becomes fixed as a piece a concept a statement a work a position. You, the maker, have no [...]


TK So, Richard, tell us about these new additions, these table tops….

RL I’d been imagining this line connecting the courtyard space to the long gallery and the café.

TK Yes?

RL It made sense spatially.

TK If you say so. Have you tried drawing it, marking it out, or is this a mind line?


The Volunteers

Forty Hall and Estate and Forty Hall Farm are neighbours. It’s a working farm linked to Capel Manor College as a training resource. It’s a historic house, open to the public. It’s a public park with a well-kept walled garden and rolling meadows leading down to a stream, Turkey Brook. There’s a vineyard and an [...]

Fingers and Fragments

The slipping away of thread, the inevitability of the pulling out. Leave it hanging and what do you expect, it’s an invitation and was always meant to be such a thing, a temptation for all-comers, along with the peeking and sliding in of fingers small and large into a purposely affixed half-open drawer. As if [...]

Magpie Close and Freezy Water

The black and white printed street map of the Borough of Enfield, produced exclusively by Town and Country Publications of Progress Park, Luton in November 2007, reveals landmarks, place names of significance and surprise, hinting at its urban and rural dimensions and histories:

A10 (Great Cambridge Road) A406 (North Circular Road) Albery Park Angel Road [...]