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The Artist as Citizen    
Wellcome CollectionWednesday 16 November 2011, 7.00pm

ResCen Research Associate Artists
Ghislaine Boddington, Shobana Jeyasingh, Richard Layzell,
Rosemary Lee, Graeme Miller and Errollyn Wallen
in dialogue with
Doreen Massey

Wellcome Collection Burroughs Room
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE


The role of the artist in society has long been contested, from Plato's Republic, from which artists were banned, to 20th century manifestations of the artist as state propagandist.

Britain today arguably faces a period of virtually unprecedented change with the forces of an interconnected, increasingly globalised world meeting the internal dynamics of austerity and regional disparity. In this context what is the role and function of the artist today?

Each ResCen artist draws on decades of experience to reflect on their practice and artistic process, and their relationship to society; and to speculate on how this might be changing in contemporary Britain. Doreen will draw on her analysis of the current political situation.

Doreen Massey is Emeritus Professor of Geography at the Open University. She has long-term research interests in the theorisation of 'space' and 'place' which range through a critique of globalisation, regional uneven development, the reconceptualisation of place and from the philosophical and largely conceptual through to the directly political. She co-founded and now co-edits Soundings: a journal of politics and culture.

Her most recent books are For Space, and World City, and she has also been working on new political spaces in Latin America. Her most recent research in the UK has been with Patrick Keiller on an AHRC funded project The Future of Landscape and the Moving Image which includes Keiller's film Robinson in Ruins and Doreen's companion writing Landscape/space/politics: an essay.


Professor Christopher Bannerman
Head of ResCen Research Centre

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