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Wednesday 3 May 2006
The Portico Rooms
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

Where delegates have supplied details of their organisation or archive’s mission, this information can be viewed by clicking on the 'Organisation' link.

Delegates     updated 12.05.06
Name   Job title Organisation
Daisy Abbott   AHDS Performing Arts Services and Outreach Officer AHDS Performing Arts
Khairoun Abji   Development Producer Culture Online / DCMS / Stagework
Funmi Adawole     ADAD
Ric Allsopp     LABAN
Richard Alston   Artistic Director The Place
John Ashford   Theatre Director The Place
Christopher Baugh   Professor of Drama University of Kent
Guy Baxter   Archivist and Conservation Manager V&A Theatre Museum
Theresa Beattie   Head of Dance Arts Council England, London
Sue Breakell   Archivist Tate Archive
Ceri Brierley   Marketing Co-ordinator Random Dance
Jo Butterworth   Board Member Random Dance
Bex Carrington   Assistant Keeper (Live Art) University of Bristol Theatre Collection
Peter Cheeseman   Honorary Archivist Victoria Theatre Collection
Gavin Clarke   Archivist National Theatre
Stephanie Clarke   Assistant Archivist Cameron Mackintosh Ltd
Steve Cleary   Curator of Drama and Literature British Library Sound Archive
Vicki Costello   NESTA
Ralph Cox   Head of Library and Archive LABAN
Jacqueline Davis   Executive Director The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
Graham Devlin   Consultant  
Jo Elsworth   Keeper University of Bristol Theatre Collection
Jill Evans   Producer, National Video Archive of Performance Theatre Museum
Ursula Everett   Catalogue Co-cordinator LABAN
Jane Fowler   Archivist Laban Library and Archive
Francesca Franchi   Head of Collections Royal Opera House
Charlie Gill   Stagework Project Manager National Theatre
Bonnie Hewson   PhD Researcher UCL/V&A Theatre Museum
David Howells   Curator of RSC Collection Royal Shakespeare Company
Claire Hudson   Head of Information & Collections Management Theatre Museum
Peter Hulton   Director of Documentation Exeter Digital Archives of Performance Practice
Michael Huxley   Head of Course Development, Humanities De Montfort University
Steve Jupe   Senior Archivist BBC
Rubbina Karruna   Arts Policy Adviser Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Mira Kaushik   Artistic Director Akademi South Asian Dance UK
Lois Keidan   Director Live Art Development Agency
Sian Kendall   Deputy Director Dance UK
Judith Knight   Director Artsadmin
Bob Lockyer   freelance producer/executive producer/director
Zoe Lukas   Archive Assistant National Theatre Archive
Geoff Marsh     V&A Theatre Museum
Tony McEnery   Director of Research AHRC
Wayne McGregor   Artistic Director Random Dance
Susan Melrose   Professor in Performance Arts and Research Convenor, Performing Arts Middlesex University
Bonnie Mitchell   Sphinx Theatre Company
Sylvia Morris   Head of Library and Information Resources Shakespeare Birthplace Trust/Royal Shakespeare Company Archives
Chandrika Patel   PhD Student University of Exeter
Melanie Peart   Archivist Rambert Dance Company
Mike Phillips   Director of i-DAT institute of Digital Art & Technology
Jane Pritchard   Curator of Dance V&A Theatre Museum
Richard Pulford   chief executive solt/tma
Richard Ralph   Consultant University of the Arts London
Simon Rooks   BBC Sound Archvist BBC
Jeanette Siddall   Director of Dance Arts Council England
Alda Terracciano   Co-founder and Director Future Histories
Norman Tozer   Director, the William Poel Festival Society for Theatre Research
Jo Turner   Head of Arts Online & International Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Deborah Vaughan   Writer
Mark Waugh   Head Visual Arts SE Arts Council England
Claire Welsby   Project Co-ordinator Illumina
Sarah Whatley   Head of Performing Arts Coventry University
Gitta Wigro   Manager The Place Videoworks

Name   Title
Chris Bannerman   Seminar Director
Head of ResCen
Ruth Glick   Seminar Consultant
Marianne Tyler   Seminar Coordinator
Joshua Sofaer   ResCen Rep.
Senior Research Fellow
Jane Watt   ResCen Rep.
Research Associate
Andrew Lang   Designer
Jeanette Bain   Student Assistant
Michelle Harris   Student Assistant
Mikkel Svak   Technical Support
Dominique Rivoal   Documentation
Andrew Stewart   Editor
Sound by Design   Technical Support
Fizz UK Ltd   Catering
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