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Shobana Jeyasingh: [h]Interland    
In this page you find links to the individual component elements of the [h]Interland site, presented as separate plain html pages.
For ease of access, the content of these pages has been simplified, quality and sizes are reduced to make the files suitable for low-band dial-up connections.
However, some of these pages still contain QuickTime or Flash movies and PDF documents, which require a plug-in. If you don't have them you can click on the links below.



Sanjoy Roy comments on the perspectives of the observed and observer in the making of [h]Interland

Starting points

The first inspiration that led Shobana Jeyasingh to create [h]Interland came from an article by Luke Harding published in 2001 in The Guardian. The article dealt with the peculiar and almost surreal time-space distortion created by call-centres based in India and answering calls from British customers on behalf of British companies.

observations and reflections


filming transurban in Bangalore with director Pete Gomes

rehearsals for live webcast from the Park Hotel, Bangalore, directed by Terry Braun

observations and reflections



a diary by dancer Sowmya Gopalan.

in the rehearsal studio (QT)

observations and reflections

Borough Hall

orientation (QT)

stage locations (Flash)

observations and reflections

Performance (duration 35 minutes)

Animated sequences of stills, from excerpts of the video recording of [h]Interland's first performance.

the full performance

Pete Gomes' projection on screen 1

Pete Gomes' projection on screen 2

Terry Braun's webcast from Bangalore

Creative team

credits and artists' biographies


Peripheral Vision, by Catherine Hale,
Dance Theatre Journal, volume 19 no.1 2003.

Overview by Sanjoy Roy, full document.

Shobana Jeyasingh, Greenwich Dance Agency, London,
by Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, Saturday October 26, 2002
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