Diaspora Dialogues

Brinda Jacob-Janvrin
Dancer, choreographer and movement therapist, Bangalore

Jyoti: What did you think of the performance of Faultline and Bruise Blood?

Brinda: The company is very technically sound in both the dancing and the choreography. I particularly liked the piece set in London.

Jyoti: What did you like about it?

Brinda: I loved the gestures, the way it had been incorporated into the dance

Jyoti: The “streetness” of the gestures?

Brinda: Yes, it felt real, authentic, and visually very powerful.

Jyoti: And the second piece, Bruise Blood?

Brinda: It seemed like more of a performance.

Jyoti: What do you mean?

Brinda: It felt like a dance work that may have developed through the dancers and choreographer’s exploration of an idea together compared to Faultline. It seemed it had a more traditional approach to choreography.

Jyoti: In terms of a collaborative relationship between the dancers and the musicians and Shobana?

Brinda: I have no idea how it actually worked, but it appeared that way to me.

Jyoti: Did you feel that the first piece was more narrative-based?

Brinda: Maybe because it seemed the dancers knew what they were dancing about, like they could relate to it, as if they were telling their own story, which could be an assumption on my part given their race, yet it seemed more personal.