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Posted by Avatâra Ayuso at 08:50 on Saturday 6 November 2010

We arrived in Bangalore at 4am.


This morning (our free day) we visited the area around the hotel.
After a long day and in jet lag mood…dinner in a local and beautiful restaurant.


Posted by Avatâra Ayuso at 12:01 on Sunday 7 November 2010

Workshop in Bangalore
We met a very enthusiastic group of young dancers who had been looking forward to working with Shobana and the eight of us.

Their enthusiasm really stood out with a hunger for learning new things, for new dynamics, new ways of expressing themselves, specially a desire for new challenges (sometimes you find students that want to learn, that are good students but that are afraid of trying new things). These dancers were not afraid of the new, on the contrary they had the hunger to take risks.

They found it physically difficult but they identified with it enough to throw themselves in it. I could see one dancer who delivered the movements with conviction, Mostly I found that they had difficulty picking up holistic movements. The girls I was with were very good on detail (specially head and hands) but were very challenged by any movement initiated by the whole body. I could see that they found this aspect hard to grasp although they were really throwing themselves into it. They were amazed by the complexity of every single movement.

I think it was easier for dancers like myself to pick up the full body movement of Bruise Blood and we had to get used to the detail specially the use of the fingers For the Bangalore dancers the opposite seemed true.


image … and thinking

Posted by Avatâra Ayuso on Monday 8 November 2010

It is very hot, our bodies can feel the humidity and pollution of the city. Drinking lots of water is the only solution, but still our bodies are not used to moving in such weather conditions…

Rehearsals before the performance. This is the huge Chowdiah hall we were performing that night:

Some waiters from the venue watch our rehearsals

Rachel Morrow our rehearsal director

Here, the whole team of SJDC and the sponsors of our Bangalore tour, TVS Motors.

We are very tired after a very long day of rehearsing, eating, rehearsing, eating etc. Our sponsors TVS Motors treated us with much generosity and care especially in food!

Our first performance in India!!

7.30pm Bangalore, the audience is still coming in: they-take-their-time… How is the audience going to react to our contemporary dance approach and movement? We were very curious to see their reactions…
At the end of the show we are thrilled to see that the audience has received the work with huge enthusiasm.

Tomorrow travel to Delhi.