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  Rosemary Lee
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Process writings
A Tribute to Michael Donaghy 1954-2004
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Rosemary Lee – Chronicle of works from 2001
Brink (2001)
Music composed by Graeme Miller
Film by Peter Anderson (in collaboration with Rosemary Lee)
Created for and performed by Tom Evans
Costume by Louise Belson
Lighting design by Chahine Yavroyan

A work made to immediately follow a screening of boy. Brink is a solo for Tom Evans accompanied by a film featuring himself projected on a large screen above him. Commissioned by Swindon Dance, premiered in Swindon and performed as part of Passage.

R. Lee Brink
Passage (2001)
Music by John Luther Adams – a reworking of Earth and the Great Weather
Film by Peter Anderson (in collaboration with Rosemary Lee)
Performed by a cast of 13 dancers of all ages: 9–74 years old
Costume design by Louise Belson
Lighting design by Chahine Yavroyan

A 38 minute work with live performance and a backdrop of three huge screens, back projected with film featuring the cast in an expansive landscape. Made with the cast over a period of over 6 months, meeting weekly. Passage gave its name to the whole evening which began with screenings of Infanta, then boy followed immediately by Brink, second half Passage. Commissioned by The South Bank originally as a Millennium project. Toured to three other venues nationally.

R. Lee Passage

Dancing Nation (2001)
A documentary directed by Rosemary Lee and made with Peter Anderson
Commissioned by The Foundation for Community Dance
Music by Graeme Miller

A film showing the effect of dance on four peoples lives in England. Made to promote dance and seek new partners for funding and initiatives.
[for more details on where to purchase the Dancing Nation video (VHS) or DVD see communitydance]

Click on the thumbnails to play excerpts from the video >>

R. Lee Dancing Nation R. Lee Dancing Nation
R. Lee Dancing Nation R. Lee Dancing Nation
R. Lee Dancing Nation R. Lee Dancing Nation
R. Lee Dancing Nation
    Apart From The Road (2001 then 2004)
A dance film and poetry installation created for and built into Barking Central Library reference section
Artistic director Rosemary Lee
Film maker and installation design Nic Sandiland
Poet Chrissie Gittens
Performers a class of 8-9 years olds from Marsh Green Primary School

Commissioned and produced by East London Dance as part of the Artscape project. Created over a year and a half visiting the school on a termly residence basis. The installation is built into the shelves, reading booths, filing cabinets of the library for example. A Year of the artist project.

Owing to the success of Apart from the Road, it was then developed and installed at Hammersmith Library and Whitechapel Library. At each new site Rosemary worked with local children to make specific pieces for each library including written poetry, new films and 3d handmade books. In Whitechapel she worked with visual artist Robin Whitmore and poet Shamim Azad, and particularly focused on bringing two schools together to experience each other's varied cultural backgrounds.

Apart from the Road Image

download flyers (pdf):
| Barking | Hammersmith |
| Whitechapel |
    Studies 1,2,3 And 4 (2001)
Music JS Bach harpsichord and violin sonata – Glen Gould and Jamie Laredo
Created for and performed by Jovair Longo
Costume Rosemary Lee and Jovair Longo
Lighting design by Chahine Yavroyan

Presented as a work in progress at Jacksons Lane as part of an evening of work by Jovair Longo and Rick Nodine.

    Beached (2002 then 2005/6)
Sound by Jonathan Lever
Created for and performed by Ch4pter – Paula Hampson, Andrea Buckley and Ruth Spencer
Costume and Set design by Louise Belson
Lighting design by Chahine Yavroyan

Commissioned by Ch4pter. Premiered at Crewe and Alsager College 5 March 2002. Then at Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool: 21-22 March 2002

Beached was reworked in 2005/6 with new costumes by Louise Belson to tour to several venues in the northwest region and was performed for the last time at Greenwich Dance Agency as part of a mixed bill with the films boy, Infanta, greenman and Snow.
Beached: A Commonplace Book by Rosemary Lee and Niki Pollard was published by ResCen Publications in 2006.
For more details see the Beached page, portfolio

    The Suchness Of Heni And Eddie (2002 then 2006/7)
Choreographed by Rosemary Lee with the dancers
Performed by Henrietta Hale, Eddie Nixon and Rosemary Lee
Writing and devising by Niki Pollard and Rosemary Lee

the Suchness of Heni and Eddie explores a new form of presentation that is both educational in its broadest sense and a performance at the same time. It was first shown at the ResCen conference Nightwalking (2002) and was then developed and toured in 2006-2007. It is designed to be presented in more intimate settings such as studio spaces and toured to the main UK Higher Education institutions offering dance at postgraduate level as well to various dance agencies and festivals, including NottDance06, Winlab07-Siobhan Davies studios, and the opening season at Artsadmin 2007.

the suchness of Heni and Eddie DVD by Rosemary Lee and Ludivine Allegue was published by PARIP and ResCen Publications in 2007
For further details see the Suchness page, portfolio

  the Suchness of Heni and Eddie
    Snow (2003) 8 minutes
A video by David Hinton and Rosemary Lee
Music created for the video by Adrian Johnston

Commissioned by Arts Council England, the BBC and NPS as part of the last Dance for the Camera series. Broadcast on BBC2 in March 2003 as part of Body of Water. Snow has been screened and broadcast nationally and internationally and was a FOCAL Award finalist. The film is created from archive black and white footage of people on the snow or ice from approximately 1860 to 1960.

    Remote Dancing (2004-2008)
Devised and created by Rosemary Lee and Nic Sandiland
Music/sound by Graeme Miller
Light/camera by David Gopsill
Production assistant: Lyndsey Housden, Artsadmin
Set design by Nic Sandiland, construction: Hedgehog
On-screen performers: Matilda Lee-Kronick, Omari Carter, Henrietta Hale, Frank Bock, Linda Lewcock, Colin MacLean

A video installation where the interaction of the viewer and on-screen dancer becomes an intimate pas de deux.

Remote Dancing
premiered at the Festival Hall, the South Bank in 2004 where other interactive installations were commissioned and built specifically for the site. Remote Dancing has toured internationally and nationally over the last three years (including NottDance, Springdance Utrecht, Paris CND, Slovenia and Aberystwyth Art Centre). It represented Britain as part of the British Council event, UK Moves, Lille. It is often accompanied by another of their installations, Stereo Dances and Rosemary’s four films for broadcast made with filmmakers Peter Anderson and David Hinton. A specific version featuring local children was built at the Lyric Hammersmith to celebrate the opening of the new building.

Originally funded by Arts Council England through the Capture series and further developed with a commission from RFH Education, South Bank Centre, London and additional support from ResCen. An Artsadmin Project.
For more details see the portfolio page.

  Remote Dancing
    Stereo Dances (2004-2008)
original conception, devised and designed by Nic Sandiland
choreography and writing: Rosemary Lee
voices: Andrew Downs, Rosemary Lee, Graeme Miller, Nicola Collett
voice direction: Andrew Downs with Rosemary Lee
music: Khosid Wedding Dances: Muzsikas
Speres 1st Movement: Keith Jarrett
La Valse d'Amelie: Yann Tiersen
Yodel 1: Penguin Café Orchestra
recording and editing: Jonathan Lever

Stereo Dances is an interactive dance sound work. Each participant can create a private duet with a partner as they listen to instructions to music, played through pairs of headphones. There are four different dances to try, the folk version, the meditative version, the formal version and the unexpected version. The work has been translated into French and Slovenian. Most recently Stereo Dances featured at the Manchester Festival (2007) along with Rosemary’s films, with Remote Dancing at UK Moves, Lille (2007) and in the art gallery of Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Stereo Dances was originally commissioned by RFH Education, South Bank Centre, London for the Ballroom Floor. An artsadmin project.

  Stereo Dances
    Night-plane (2005)
Conceived and performed by Matilda Leyser
Choreographed and devised by Rosemary Lee with Matilda Leyser
Music by Jonathan Lever
Design by Liz Cooke
Rigging by Will Cleary
Lighting design by Chahine Yavroyan

A piece created for Matilda Leyser as part of her trilogy Line Point Plane, three solos on a rope, a cloud swing and a curtain. Night-plane involves Matilda climbing and crossing a huge black curtain. The solo show toured extensively across Britain after opening in the Mime Festival London, and Night-plane was chosen to open the new Northern Stage theatre in Newcastle 2006. Rosemary worked as artistic collaborator for the entire show.

For further detail and information about Matilda Leyser see Matilda Leyser’s website www.matildaleyser.co.uk/plane.html

    Lightwalking (2007)
Choreographed by Rosemary Lee
Performed by Ben Ash, Robin Dingemans, Henrietta Hale, Rachel de la Nieta
Performed at the Victoria and Albert Museum within an outdoor light installation Volume: a collaboration between design collective United Visual Artists (UVA) and Robert Del Naja (alias 3D) of massive Attack and Neil Davidge of one point six.
Costume Rosemary Lee

The work was created within the interactive light installation in collaboration with the artists of UVA and was created to be performed through the night as part of the V&A Friday Late event. Produced by Sadlers Wells. A V&A commission, part of the Sony Playstation Season. www.vam.ac.uk/collections/contemporary/volume/index.html

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