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"Passage is a 38 minute work with live performance and a backdrop of three huge screens, back projected with film
featuring portraits of the cast and expansive landscapes. Made with the cast of 13 dancers of all ages in weekly
workshops over a period of more than 6 months, Passage gave its name to an evening of work. The programme
began with screenings of Infanta (1998) and boy (1995) followed immediately by Brink (2001) with Passage in the
second half. Passage was commissioned by The Royal Festival Hall with support from Arts Council of England,
London Arts, Swindon Dance, ResCen and DanceEast Artist Residency Programme." R. L.

portrait of Passage performers


Omari Carter, Aella Jordan Edge, Zebida Gardner-Sharper, Samantha Hayden Waite, Henrietta Hale, Alex Howard, Gladys Hillman, Rem Lee, Matilda Leyser, Santi Rieser, Cosmo McMullan, Colin McLean, Eddie Nixon
. .
Artistic Director: Rosemary Lee
Rosemary Lee with the performers
Peter Anderson
John Luther Adams, excerpts from 'Earth and the Great Weather' (New World Records 80459-2)
Louise Belson
Lighting design:
Chahine Yavroyan
Sound Wizard:
Jonathan Lever
Administration/Management: Artsadmin, Nicky Childs
Education officer RFH, Company Manager:
Rachel Harris
Technical direction:
Steve Wald
Touring Producton Manager:
Niall Black
Tour technician:
Becky Stoddart
Martha Oakes PR
Pau Ross
Film Production Team:
Ze Macedo, Frank Bock, Samia Doukali, Mark Godber, Lara Sanchez
. .




Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 26-28 April 2001
Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton Festival, 17 May 2001
Warwick Arts Centre, 19 May 2001
The Point, Eastleigh Dance Festival, 29 June 2001

web design:
Passage web content:
Roberto Battista
Niki Pollard and Rosemary Lee
. For more information on Rosemary Lee or Passage, visit the Artsadmin website.
Credits: With warm thanks to the performers and photographers for their permission to use the rehearsal and performance documentation reproduced in this ResCen website for solely non-commercial education purposes by artists, students and scholars.

With thanks also to Middlesex University School of Art, Design and Performing Arts for supporting documentation and research of Passage, which includes extensive unedited workshop footage made by Peter Anderson and now held within the ResCen Archive.

Niki Pollard's involvement was made possible by an AHRB studentship for doctural research at Middlesex University.
Photography: Pau Ros, Peter Anderson and Rosemary Lee and images reproduced from Journeys to Glory, photography Adam Bujak, text Marjorie Young. New York: Harper and Row, 1976. ISBN 0-6-069733-4.

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