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Passage landscape
"Here follow twelve pages from my first choreographic notebook for Passage. They reveal some initial images, ideas and thoughts that I had about the piece. Click on the icons for my audio comments as I look back over a page and performance photographs. Click also for 'footnote' images and text fragments that occurred to research student Niki Pollard as she watched rehearsals, read these pages and spoke with me.
These I have included as an affirming and illuminating further layer to my thinking." R.L.
Notebook link 1 Notebook link 2 Notebook link 3 Notebook link 4 Notebook link 5 Notebook link 6 Notebook link 7 Notebook link 8 Notebook link 9
Notebook link 10 Notebook link 11 Notebook link 12
Click on the thumbnails above to display the full size image of the notebook pages, use the top panel to navigate between Rosemary's areas.

To view the video clips and listen to the audio files you need QuickTime installed in your browser, click here to download it if you don't have it.


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