Ordinary Movement – Source Material:
Squeakinge Lisards
  1649 Caesar Rochefort – French naturalist

A creature, long extinct, found on Nevis (a very small Caribbean island next to St Kitts, where some of the video footage used in Ordinary Movement was shot)

This passage read out in the performance:

“called by locals ‘squeakinge lisards’…they move on land like snakes rather than regular lizards…instead of fins they have four feet, which are so weak they can only crawl along the ground, and move their bodies as snakes…the largest are not above fifteen inches in length and proportionately big…their skin is covered with little scales which shine extremely, and are of a silver-grey colour…in the night they make a hideous noise from under the rocks, and the bottom of the place where they are lodged… they were kept by some locals in their closets as curiosities”.