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Richard Layzell – The Exchange Project
On-going throughout 2004 and 2005 with The Public (www.thepublic.com)

The Exchange Project further explores the line between art and work, performance and everyday life.

A series of private and public meetings designed to bring diverse sections of the community together for a:

• meeting-as-dialogue
• gathering-as-event
• performance-as-function
• context-as-form
• chat

A web journal describing key moments in these special and ordinary events exploring the meeting as artform.

First entry The Agenda – 3 public meetings (2pm, 3pm and 4pm) with special guests and spot prizes on Saturday June 5th 2004 in the historic and palatial Council Chambers of West Bromwich Town Hall (see www.thepublic.com/weekend). Richard Layzell in conversation with Tania Koswycz


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