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Richard Layzell – Notes from Perth
Day 31: Wednesday 22 Oct 03
  1. Practicals and Methods 2. Intuitions and insights 3. Freeflow
  Text message reminders at 9am: – Prog – Paper – Lines – Choreog – Running ord – DV tapes – White paint – Video – Docu – Fluidity – Veg – Spoken piece – Warm up all over - Cue sheet – Run through – Incorp vid docu – Vid ongoing link – Form is structure

Difficult relationship to technical set-up. No-one’s fault. Meant that a run through was inadvertently sacrificed for a lunch break. Hindsight. But eating has to be part of the process. Additional small crisis as City of Swan server crashes and have to retrieve programme notes via Internet café, losing another crucial half-hour.

Final video list:
i. Skyros
ii. Bridge
iii. Opera House [Sydney]
iv. Opposite of Cleaning

New themes of
- physical space,
- being located within a colossal building
- pointing out evidence of Tania’s text on the wall from last year
‘Form is structure’ from the text reminders. Was standing in the street waiting to get into a building in Midland, first thing. One of those unplanned time slots that can be so useful. ‘Form is/as structure’ came from thinking about relationship of video camera as integrated live docu and the ‘lining’ of the space thru taping and physical action. These could become an overarching structure/reference for the piece and ease away from the linear sequential structure.

Use ‘Opposite of Cleaning’ video as a final sequence. More emotive and visual. Scrap the waiter idea.
Tough day. Losing things for several hours beforehand, written notes mainly. High anxiety. So much advance prep gave more significance to this 45 minutes which became about an hour. Met the audience beside Tania’s evidence left on the wall from last year, some black adhesive lettering. Walked them across, lighting up the forbidden spaces, full of asbestos and workers’ remnants. Then we sit in the pre-prepared space with screen, round table, taped floor, OHP, Tania’s words on A4 paper, jacket on back of classic white plastic chair.

Attempted to integrate the video camera as live docu on tripod. A few minutes in gave it to Jackson [from PVI] in the audience. Alisitair’s ongoing soundtrack slightly invasive but wasn’t in a psychological space where I could ask him to turn it off. He was mid-perf. These things, thoughts, images, agendas, cues, decisions, pressures very intense. After all the thinking, obsessive preparation, now it happens live in a block of time. Then it’s gone. And the after-flow comes tomorrow. Eleanor’s Falcon. Went well.
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