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Richard Layzell – Notes from Perth
Day 26: Friday 17 Oct 03
  1. Practicals and Methods 3. Freeflow  
  Workshop 2 Day 1 at the Powerhouse
A group of 14 students from ECU [Edith Cowan University] and Curtin [John Curtin University]
Structuring Workshop 2 differently
Day 1 within the Powerhouse building
Participants are diverse and interesting

A large-ish article in X-Press magazine ['Australia's biggest free weekly magazine'] headlined "Layzell Summer Days". Am intrigued by this until its crassness dawns. A phone interview has led to this quote: "But I also really value the fact that.....this curious art form doesn't have to be long [I must have said "belong"] and it doesn't have to explain itself".
We go on a journey in and around this brick and metal edifice of industrial history. Assuming live work is new to them, the structures I introduce lead to some arresting actions and images. Like they’re not new. Coming out here way north to this alien building is definitely an influence and a bonus.

Local cultural rivalry between Fremantle and Perth. Several participants are from Fremantle, the port down south. Sharon F tells me she can tell Fremantle arts people at a glance. There’s also some rivalry between City of Swan [sponsors of the NRLA] and Perth. At TPS2 it was between Sydney and Melbourne.

I’m on really good form today. Am reminded of the one-day workshop I gave in Block 2 at last year’s NRLA in Perth. Maybe too much so. There’s a completeness about the day. Am astonished by some of the work. Surprised by my careful timing, wishing performing came this easily to me. Will it be hard to follow a day like this?

On a borrowed bike get lost on the way back from Midland to Swan River Lodge, heading off into the Bush or towards the Airport. So lost of a little time-slot to work on the perf. Spend the evening with PVI performance collective [two members were in Workshop 1]. Nice. Another working weekend
is coming.
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