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Richard Layzell – Notes from Perth
Day 25: Thursday 16 Oct 03
  4. Tania’s view & 3. Freeflow  
  A dialogue -

T. So what's this about getting someone to be me in your performance?
R. Well, I thought it could work
T. What do you mean? Who is she, anyway?
R. I'm going to talk about you, Tania, in the performance. And I thought it would add a dimension to your presence if I talk to Rosie as if she's you.
T. Who's Rosie?
R. I recorded an audio piece with Rosie [Dennis] at TPS2 in Wagga Wagga. Wasn't entirely happy with it, and now she's able to come out to Perth to do this spoken sequence with me in person, live. I don't think we'll use the pre-recorded material.
T. Does she know you want her to be me?
R. Kind of, I mentioned it in an email. I don't know how she'll feel about it.
T. She can't really be me.
R. No, but she can symbolise or personify you.
T. Don't try and get clever with me, Richard, I've got my reputation to think of. I've got a show coming up in Stuttgart in a couple of weeks. She's not even a visual artist. You'll have to make it clear that she's not really me or I won't agree to this.
T. Anyway, does she look like me? And how old is she?
R. She doesn't look like you and I think she's a bit older than you.
T. Is she attractive?
R. Yes, but you're in a league of your own.
T. Piss off. Would I like her?
R. I think you'd get along pretty well.
T. Can you mention my show in your programme notes?
R. Yes.
T. If you want my advice on your performance you'd better move quickly. Today or tomorrow, then I'm flat out.
R. Thanks, I'll be in touch.
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