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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania
The global dialogues between Richard Layzell and Tania Koswycz began naturally enough, as a follow on from the Room of Freeflow and Wagga Wagga where the first actual dialogue appeared on 16 Oct 2003 (wwnotes25.html)

As an actualised experience of psychic collaboration the dialogues led to many interventions, actions and challenges. This process began in Aug 2004 on a Greek island, crossed three continents and is very much alive in 2012. In fact, we recently collaborated on Fine Food an installation at the Gooden Gallery in London's Vyner Street, and are working on some new films.

1 Skyros, Greece – Aug 2004. Conversations were posted daily. The accompanying visuals are stills from video footage.
We explore the performative dilemma, the 'in' and the 'out', working with public spaces on a remote island, with a moped.

2 London– Sept 2004. Tracing the first advertised collaboration between Richard and Tania, with the hint of more to come. The focus is on the construction, conception and occupation of The Room of Freeflow Returned, an installation at Chisenhale Arts Place.
Ongoing issues included: Tania's absence, the private made public, the open window, the Takeaway Table, the Tepee and the naming of a chair.

3 Barcelona – Oct 2004. The city looks different with collaborator Jens Johannsen and Tania's ever presence.

4 Bangkok and Koh Samed Thailand – Feb 2005. Reconnecting with Bangkok resident, friend and former collaborator Jerome Ming. Standing Very Still, Varsha Nair, Chumpon Apisuk, election posters and the artist candidate, the first realisation of the quest for the Perfect Image on Koh Samed.

5 Providence Rhode Island and New York – April 2005. Performance Studies conference the house of the President of Rockefeller University, making a performance with Tania about our relationship in the here and now.

6 Warsaw and Piotrkow Trybunalski Poland – May 2005. Travelling from Warsaw to Interackje. Sharing a strange room with artists Kevin Henderson and Tomas Ruller. Using the Interackje performance festival as a research field.

7 Penzance UK – August 2006. The Radiant Curve, a performance for Tract, and all that happens around it, where 'working' is expanded to include gardening, being and curve measuring. The instigation of Blue on Blue.

West Midlands / The Exchange – June 2004–March 2005. A series of private and public meetings in the West Midlands, linked to the The Public, a controversial new arts complex for West Bromwich. These three dialogues discuss The Agenda, two public 'meetings' held in West Bromwich Town Hall, and two versions of The Exchange Project.

The following 'live' dialogues trace how some of the decisions are arrived at in the preparation and making of our collaborative installation The Manifestation, as it tours the UK. They take on a sculptural form within the installation as The Dialogue, and in London adopt the typeface 'Foundry Form':

8 Stroud – Oct 2007

9 Glasgow – Feb 2008

10 London – Oct 2008

11 Stroud – Nov 2008

12 Colchester – June 2009

Talking to Tania was made possible by a One to One Bursary from the Live Art Development Agency.

cover image   Cream Pages: The dialogues of Tania Koswycz and Richard Layzell
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