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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 9
February 2008 • Glasgow

TK It's different every time, all the time.
Don't pressurise me to conform to your agenda. It's ours, Richard, and whoever's reading this needs to know it's a collaboration.

RL Right. I thought that was obvious from the billing. I don't have an agenda I just wanted to have a crack at this, at setting the scene.

TK People ain't stupid. We don't need to set the fucking scene, they're already in it, under their feet, in their eyes, reading this. You're doing my head in.

RL What about the background to Falling Phoebe and The Stumbling Block?

TK Fine, if that's the way you want to go.

RL Doesn't sound like it is actually fine with you. I thought we'd agreed on this.

TK That was then, this is now. I move on, you move on. The work unfolds. That was Jan, this is Feb. But try it, go ahead, convince me.

RL Jesus. You don't make it easy.

TK I'm not here to make it easy. I'm here to raise issues, ask questions. It sounded like you already had a script going down in your mind and that certainly wasn't in our agreement.

RL OK, I get it. I'll be fresh. Aim for it. Shall I do The Stumbling Block and you cover Falling Phoebe?

TK Whatever. What I most want to talk about is the dialogue, as it happens.

RL Right then. 'Falling Phoebe' is a re-enactment by Phoebe Davies of my ancestor Phoebe Layzell's 'fall' in Jan 1854 on the same street in Colchester where they lived, St Botolph's St, number 32. This corner the maybe scene of it.

TK Boring.

RL You do it then.

TK This is as much about me as her. You find me, then you find phoebe. Her fall is your birth, or your great grandfather's. Bastard or not. Hot sex has an issue.

RL Don't know if I want to give that much away.

TK You haven't. Forget it. Move on.

RL The 'stumbling block' dates back to the 16th Century, the Dutch equivalent is 'struikelblok', the Finnish 'kompastuskivi', the Polish…

TK Yawn

RL This isn't my day, my way.

TK Our way. Shall I?

RL Fine, I'll make the tea.

TK Don't get shirty, stick around. The Stumbling Block calls the shots. The trip is a wake-up. Nice. The block is a low level oozing thing of rare beauty.

RL Like you. Cleaned up with nowhere to go.

TK Now you're talking. As if the collaboration, this dialogue, wasn't the fulcrum. The Manifestation wouldn't be nowhere. Cream Pages not imminent neither. How we lookin'? You put the small images on the flip side? Is the estuary photo in or out?

RL Yes and in. No and out. Yes and out. No and in. You bet.

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