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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 7
Day 4 • Monday 21 August 2006 • Penzance

RL Doubting anchor footage can’t be the only reason

TK Out of schedule, drawn to keep it going

IC Or find the essence of excrescence

RL Car packed, curvers bent, traffic jammed, rain break, no rush, pleasure of the real thing

TK Location scout. Harbour or war memorial

RL Harbour

TK Harbour

IC Nice framing. Lead me to it. I hear music

RL Camera discretion. Harbour wall. Could be shooting boats, would be

TK Kate as guardian having a smoke

RL That box, chalked up and ready

IC Raising the patina of blue framed by weather rust. Angular repetition one two one three

TK Square in the circle

RL Sea’s out, horizon radiates

TK Now you know what I’m talking about

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