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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 7
Day 3 • Saturday 19 August 2006 • Penzance

TK Back to the wall?

RL Yes and no, later

TK The early finish then

RL Has to be, balloons are due at 17.30

TK You spoken to Hullaballoons since landing?

RL Forgot

TK Work on an alternative ending then

RL Any ideas?

TK Your shout. This is me: anchor cleaning, yucca picking, curve-measuring in the rain. Your evening gig.

RL Since when?

TK Since it struck me square that I was edited out of the publicity. All we get is …”let your shirt fly in the face of the weather…a tourist tool, the expansive host.” That’s you not me.

RL Not deliberate. You’re mentioned on the website.

TK Big deal. The eternal web presence. It may have escaped your attention, but any stress levels you’ve been grappling with are entirely to do with The Manifestation and its now central positioning.

RL So that’s why you’re more interested in the incidental stuff

TK It’s more interesting in and of itself

RL And it feeds into The Manifestation

TK It could

RL I’ll make sure it also features in the evening, so the connections are made, curve-measuring, painting, gardening

TK And will I get a mention?

RL It might over-complicate the narrative

TK Pathetic

RL Did you like the anchor sequence?

TK Will need to see the video.

IC (muttered) Jesus

TK I’m optimistic about the photos of curves and the wall, a professional on the job with a big lens. I’m pissed off that the evening is eclipsing the day.

RL It won’t seem like that in retrospect

TK Don’t patronise me. Just tell me whether you’ve been using the small brush on the graffiti wall.

RL Both brushes. You were right. The smaller one allows for a different relationship with the sprayed edges. And it reinforces the paradox of the activity. The artist’s brush meets the artist’s spray paint. Bacon tickles Banksy.

TK So we could talk about this exclusively, and that would suit my tastebuds, although the curve-measuring has made some progress and could also have longevity.

RL What struck you?

TK It’s not a recognisable job. The implement looks convincing enough for people to chase after you if you leave it behind in their shop. There’s a certain poetry. I believe in you.

IC Thanks

RL It’s having a significant place in the evening. I point out where the measured curves come from: The Yacht Inn, the fountain in the gardens (carved from a single block of granite), the Pool itself…

TK You might as well fill in the other flesh tones to get it over with. How’s the spotlight?

RL Unfocussed but ok

TK Swimmers?

RL Pull out the stops. What an effort. Paul and Alexandra – swimmers, performers, documenters, recent graduates from Falmouth, black caps.

TK Balloons?

RL Pete and Kirsty arrive 15 minutes late and do a great job. Holly shows us a store cupboard on the other side of the Pool.

TK What’s the other side of a triangle?

RL Opposite the measured curves and the audience.

TK Chinese Emperor?

RL Makes an appearance. Nothing without the sword.

TK Weather?

RL Touch and go. Intense black clouds but rain passes by. We’re in the weather for sure, just like it says in the publicity. Blair was right about the dusk time in Pz.

TK How do you get to the other side?

RL I land up running across, apparently in time, to the LTJ Bukem track. For some people this is their favourite moment. And the mike works over the other side.

TK An Ivan moment

IC Head to body. I keep trying to tell you

TK Me too

IC No video cameras at least and no flash, small mercies

TK So playlist becomes soundtrack after all

RL And not spectacle becomes bit spectacle

TK Like work is not work and jobs are the art. Bring on The Manifestation meetings, let’s get infamous. Did I get a mention?

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