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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 7
Day 2 • Friday 18 August 2006 • Penzance

TK You scared?

RL Was hard to get out of the Peach Room at the Penzance Arts Club this morning and after the heavy basement breakfast. Just as well we’d worked on the schedule. Paul’s arriving to document at 1pm. I’m in St Anthony’s Gardens.

TK More flesh on the bone please

RL I was scared. Now that I’m here and working, the line’s been crossed.

TK Ivan?

RL God knows Tania, maybe that’s part of the dilemma. Different having this scheduled and publicised, not just incidental. People could show up and watch.

TK Sounds like there’s enough other stuff going on. It could all happen on Saturday night when it comes to that kind of audience.

RL That’s what’s stressing me as well. Think we should be working on it.

TK I don’t. This is my meat and veg. That’s the suppa inglese. You look the part.

RL And feel it. My patch. This material to mould and shape, hoe and trim.

TK I want to ask Ivan

RL But I’m just getting going

TK Tough. Ivan, this ok for you?

IC Definitely, but he’s still got the bloody video camera out. I thought we were being spared that till 1pm when the tousle-haired Paul arrives. This is a great location and a perfect scale. I could be here right through. And, believe me, the performance would improve incrementally. Are you sure we need to keep switching locations and roles?

TK That’s the plan, Ivan, but thanks for your thoughts. Glad you’re into it, although you’re gardening not cleaning, thought you might struggle.

IC You’d be surprised at the concomitance. Remember International Cleaning in Brisbane, collecting the fallen jacaranda blossoms? Well, he had me dead-heading the geraniums just now and dropping them in the basket. It was just so resonant of that earlier piece. And let me tell you, Tania, this garden needs attention. I sometimes think it’s all about cleaning: painting, waiting on tables, curve-measuring, the lot. Cleaning as mark-making, choreography even.

RL Can I quote you on that, Ivan?

IC Oh, piss off

RL Sorry. You didn’t mention the banner we found behind the hedge.

IC That’s your territory Mr Ideas

RL I might have leapt on it a bit, to have some material for Saturday evening

TK Zabaglione

RL I think it could come in though: a rolled up full-size banner advertising The Chinese Emperor restaurant, in pretty much perfect condition. What was it doing there? Sabotage, racism, prank?

IC Who cares?

RL Then we found this plastic sword and scabbard under the bench alongside. The link is there.

TK Ok, but don’t let this get cute, the anecdotal is fine. You know I’m for this work clearly informing the evening. This is The Radiant Curve just as much. Publicity is misleading.

RL It happened in a rush, should have shown it to you

TK Tell me about it. Anyway, time for transition. The Poolside Café?

IC I’m just getting in the groove

TK This is Segue 1, you knew it was coming. We’re relying on your professionalism, Ivan. At least he’s buying lunch when Paul arrives.

IC I know there’ll be more resonance, I can feel it.

RL Did I mention that Rebecca tracked down the actual blue paint they’d used in the café?

TK So that’s a runner

RL She’s put me on table cleaning first

IC Me you mean

TK Can you two sort it out

RL We’re working together

IC It’s already happening. These square tables with plastic gingham tablecloths. The rhythmic action of hand on cloth on surface flashes back to International Cleaning in Skyros.

RL I’m hoping Paul can film it after lunch. And the blue on blue.

TK Into the Pool?

RL They do seem relaxed about it. The camera can stay up here, looking down and over. White on white may be as far as we get today. Keen to get around to the exterior wall of curvature and graffiti as well.

TK I like the small brush in the Pool, spotting out the orange rust drips. Why don’t you use it on the exterior wall?

RL The scale of the graffiti, even this two-incher struggles to make an impact, maybe tomorrow. Do you think we’ve moved away from white on white here?

TK We’re somewhere else, this one could run and run. It’s enough for me for the duration, puts the other jobs in the shade.

RL Why?

TK New territory. About making a relationship with the graffiti artists. About re-working the imagery, thinking about how they’ll react, the white becomes the force for change. The wall is seaward and public. Are we being bad? Is this illegal?

RL People who just went by thought I was a politician doing some public work

TK You are. Hey, that’s another thing, raising questions of status with the audience. I like it. More of same tomorrow, for sure.

RL Third shift this was.


RL 8.30pm, back at the Pool. Obvious really. Not dark enough to test the follow spot till now.

TK What kind of rusty thing is that?

RL It’s what Alex brought. I’m not gonna be a prima donna about it. He suggested coming back to test the light levels after all. Thought I was some kind of production manager at first.

TK Nice. Job titles mounting up, as planned. Think it will stay focussed for tomorrow night?

RL Tough call

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