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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 7
Day 1 • Thursday 17 August 2006 • Penzance

RL Weather forecast is bloody awful

TK Sunny in London

RL Thanks a bunch

TK Don’t over-react. Do the quiet stuff this afternoon in the rain.

RL How’s it looking?

TK Like there are plenty of distractions.

RL Only being sociable and responsive.

TK Don’t give me the flannel. Remember why you’re here.

RL What about not needing to ‘work’ all the time?

TK Sure. This ain’t Lillehammer 03. It’s Penzance 06. Inclement weather, you’re the only suit in the street, pirate n chips and we’re talking. We weren’t in Norway.

RL That’s true. What do you think about ‘cleaning’ that yellow fisherman holding the blue fish?

TK No dirt. Too cute. Pubs?

RL Not yet. Bit early.

TK You can see it working?

RL I can see the ‘working’ working. Can you?

TK Always did

RL Shall we talk about the Saturday evening?

TK Not yet. Enough on. Focus for Christ’s sake. Make a list: find swimming hats and costumes, blue paint, step ladder, sort music, see the pool, meet the café people…

RL Cloth for cleaning, graph paper for curve measuring…schedule tomorrow?

TK How about three shifts: 10 -12, 1 - 3, 3.30 - 5, then tech at the pool from 5.30. What about something for gardening?

RL I brought some tools

TK Something that matches your suited image, like a large wicker basket.

RL I’ll head off then. Causewayhead and the Pool.


RL You were right

TK About?

RL Enough to be going on with

TK Nice basket

RL Thanks. Thought I’d lost one of the small curve measurers en route.

TK Disaster

RL I got a bit obsessive about it. Better to have four than three, for symmetry. I went back to the hardware store looking for it but no luck. Then, coming down the hill, man in the art shop tapped on the window and came out with it, like it was a special object.

TK Quality small town service or business is pretty slow. Good reflection on the thing itself, piece of ply isn’t it?

RL Birch ply. That’s what gives them spring back. And the toggles make the difference. Not so sure about the green yachting string from Ban Phe in Thailand.

TK Colour I suppose. But look at the choice connections. And we were talking in Thailand. How’s it looking in the Pool?

RL Fine. Not quite how I remembered it. Serious swimmers in there. It’s enormous. Borough engineer Capt F Latham excelled himself. Holly the head lifeguard very easy-going. Rebecca in the café will be my new boss. Would be great to do white on white or blue on blue in the pool. No problem in the café.

TK Don’t rule it out. This ‘permission’ stuff is all very well but the edge is sharper when you simply turn up and brush. Just keep wearing the Venetian pirate tie. Did we buy it on that very first day of International Cleaning?

RL Blimey. You could be right.

TK You going to Andy and Delpha’s thing tonight or re-working the playlist for Saturday?

RL Hoping to do both. Thought I’d be sociable. Good to meet up with the other artists and catch up with the press interest in Kira and animal rights. Newlyn Art Gallery under pressure. All hands on deck. Be nice if you could come along.

TK Not my frame of reference as you well know. Anyway, don’t lose the plot. We start work for real tomorrow. Speak after breakfast.

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