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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 3
Day 4 • Sunday 24 October 2004 • Barcelona

RL Jens is already on the case. Taking photos at sunrise. Doing this improvisation on the beach. For me. Exercise and not.

TK How ‘for you’? What about me?

RL I was there

TK I talked to him on Day 1 remember. You ask him if it was for me as well?


TK Well then. So what was it like?

RL Only a few people on the beach. Sort of one to one.

TK Very contemporary

RL Then I do Tai Chi with the video camera

TK For him?

RL And you

TK Hmm

RL It’s about literally representing movement. I hold the camera in one hand, a bit off balance. A woman stops me and says “Are you English? Are you doing Tai Chi with a camera?” “Yes.” “Why?”

TK No answer to that, once you’ve admitted it.

RL Not really

TK Did I suggest it?

RL I suppose. There’s a certain logic.

TK And a certain pressure as this is the last day, no doubt.

RL I do feel this pressure to make an International Cleaning.

TK Rush rush busy busy no recall plans strategy out the door.

RL Not only. I’m very aware of sounds today. That fits the bill doesn’t it?

TK Depends

RL Ok then. It’s about the video camera as a listening tool. Headphones are all. Vision less important but maybe more. Pairing down at last.

TK I need more evidence

RL This is more about perception than the previous two dialogues. It’s not about spectacle at all.

TK There’s a result

RL I’m thinking about what’s been leading up to this, like all the sensory work

TK Time is running out

RL Do you think the next stage is to do nothing at all?

TK Wait till this is over before jumping. You’re in Barcleona and we agreed to simplify it.

RL Yes…..Leave out the video camera next time?

TK For Christ’s sake

RL Sorry..…On the train to the airport I feel the slither of a fishy hand into my trouser pocket – a gang of four very small women hustling around the train doors.

TK In time?

RL Yes

TK Time condensing, full pockets.

RL And the final action of standing still at the airport has the resonance of the most significance. Defiance.

TK Absence leaves a mark

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