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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 3
Day 3 • Saturday 23 October 2004 • Barcelona

RL It’s not working. It’s not working. This is no good. I’m walking around the fish market pointing the camera at my face. I put this time aside. As if that was enough. And remembering that bit from Day 6 in Skyros.

TK Which?

RL Where I walk around holding up a camera as I keep on reading aloud from Sophocles.

TK But that was a long time coming. You can’t expect it to have the same impact in another context altogether.

RL I did

TK You were rushing

RL I was rushing. I was out of it

TK Step

RL Literally. Sad for lack of it.

TK You kept it to yourself

RL Mournful. Sightless. Overtaken by sensation of people, light and fish.

TK Too much preconception. Not enough conception. Anything?

RL Nothing

TK Cut the angst. Time off. Time out. Get a coffee.

RL Something else

TK Get some froth on it. Lighten up.

RL It is

TK What?

RL Lighter

TK Like a lighter

RL My finger a gherkin skyline like.

TK Not in the terrain of the chorizo. Back off Arsenal boy

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