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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 3
Day 2 • Friday 22 October 2004 • Barcelona


TK Olà

RL This is a different kind of situation

TK Here you go again. It always is.

RL Things have moved on since Berlin

TK Why are you on about Berlin again?

RL Maybe because Jens is here. It’s an exquisite dilemma, doing or not doing.

TK These conversations can be the thing. No doubt you’ve been at it though.

RL Doing?

TK Go on then

RL What?

TK Spill the beans

RL I’m not sure where it came from

TK What?

RL Standing still

TK It came from Skyros. We talked about it. Day 3. “Standing very still where the animals were”. There’s an animated picture.

RL You’re right. So that’s where it came from. But this time it was about movement and stillness. It was the platform of the Barcelona Metro. I stand very still. The train comes in. The doors open and close, then it moves off. I remain standing.

TK Sounds like a work for video to me

RL A bit like International Cleaning, this one could run and run, but had to see it back on video, yes.

TK Ok. Enough. I get the picture.

RL That wasn’t all. It was repeated at the Parc Guell. By me, then Jens standing in for me. He was on camera, I was on camera. Back in tourist land. Then footage of shoes amongst columns.

TK Whose shoes?

RL Mine and other peoples, mine looked weird. Then the shoe saga.

TK Now you’re talking

RL I should be so lucky, looking for two pairs of Camper shoes in the land of their (once) manufacture, shop to shop, all over. It became a nightmare.

TK Why didn’t you ask me?

RL I didn’t think of it

TK Are these shoes to perform in?

RL Probably

TK Did this start to feel like moped day?

RL Yes. But I only realise it now.

TK So what could you take from this?

RL “What shoes is” maybe?

TK And clothes in general. Were you taken as a tourist, wearing the suit?


TK That’s what I mean. You brought the suit on purpose. We discussed this. So buying Camper shoes in Spain, shoes that you bounce around in in your work, is not just about shoes. I’m sure you’d thought of this purchase beforehand.

RL Yes

TK Is it more function than fashion, more identity than image?

RL It’s all mixed up, interconnected.

TK The shoe as icon, like the suit.

RL I guess so. I feel a bit embarrassed to be admitting this.

TK It’s all there, very evident, you’ve just been trying to ignore it.

RL How come we have so much to say about this?

TK Because it’s dominated your afternoon. Because it went wrong. And these are interesting situations - in a strange city, trying to find a pair of shoes that are elusive, that maybe don’t exist, that perhaps aren’t right anyway. The absurdity of it. That you left me out of it. That you once worked in a shoe factory. That you’d just filmed your feet that morning and your shoes looked all wrong, and these were shoes you wore in Skyros: what does that say about Barcelona? You were racked with guilt at the thought of buying two pairs of shoes, that you were racked with guilt about not having talked to me for hours, only Jens. It’s all quite funny.

RL Do you mean it serves me right?

TK I mean it’s ok with me if you have a hard time. Why shouldn’t you? I mean that every situation is unique. It’s like I said in Skyros – it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s the awareness that counts. And you lost it.

RL It had struck me that the piece of action at the Metro could have been enough for the whole day.

TK Of course. But why try and leave me out? A bit of tokenistic filming of colourful mosaics at the cathedral or the Parc Guell doesn’t do it for me.

RL Fair cop. What shoes are you wearing, by the way?

TK Red leather trainers….as if…

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