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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 6
Day 3 • 10 May 2005 • Piotrkow Trybunalski

RL I haven’t got much to say

TK Want to give it a miss?

RL Not exactly. But I don’t want to feel pressured to say something interesting.

TK You’re not. I don’t know where you get these ideas from. It is what it is. Shall I take the lead then?

RL Please

TK I’ve been thinking I’d like to be more present this time, in some way.

RL This time meaning in the performance tomorrow?

TK Meaning these days in Poland, these dialogues. One way is to be in constant collaborative mode, psychic sort of. Even in retrospect.

RL And that could affect the here and now?

TK It’s already happening.

RL Body language as well?

TK Up to you

RL I was going to mention some photos I took this morning at Europa, the derelict restaurant building, the venue for Interakcje.

TK Maybe you don’t need to. Check it out.

RL Thanks, I’ll try another tack. Still camera. Recalled image details of the vacated SVA studios in Stroud. Thought about seeing Europa in the same light. Alistair Maclennan left this morning. A lot of remains in his room. In particular collection of objects placed on a windowsill, not by him. A different aesthetic. Not his. I photographed it. Light was good. Promising photograph.

TK Is there an issue?

RL I thought there was, about copyright, appropriation and the status of this image.

TK You could credit him.

RL Or you.

TK As my idea? Was it?

RL I’m not sure.

TK I’ll take that as a yes. And it’s suitably post-modern.

RL Gosh. On a similar theme, in the evening, when the performances dragged a bit, as well as looking for iconic or pastiche moments, I was drawn to the audience, the diversity, especially in age, and I started to video record them, and the very many other photographic documenters. Reminds me a bit of a performance called Mentations that I took on tour in 1994.

TK A useful parallel?

RL It could even feed into our piece.

TK Let’s dig it out then when you’re back. Anything else?

RL I bought some shoes.

TK Polish?

RL They don’t look Polish. Moccasins.

TK Not those terrible sandals made in Eastern Europe.

RL No. They’re quite cool. I think you’d like them.

TK Remember Barcelona. You may regret this.



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