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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 6
Day 2 • 9 May 2005 • Piotrkow Trybunalski

TK So let’s get on with it

RL The ideas/proposals I sent them were based on an imagined reality, what I thought would be here.

TK But it’s a very open situation, right? So why not change it?

RL What do you think?

TK What are the variables?

RL What to do, where and when.

TK What’s fixed?

RL A 30/40 minute version of Talking to Tania, plus some street actions.

TK Were you thinking it could be like it was at PSi 11 in Providence?

RL Not necessarily. The text I used there would be too complex.

TK So changes there as well

RL I/we need to work on it

TK How?

RL The elements are:

1. OHPs
2. Videos from Skyros and Lillehammer
3. Your history and evolution
4. The dialogues

I could use a translator for key phrases. And role play between you and me.

TK Not role play please.

RL Sorry, visually represent us. Two chairs?

TK You’re sounding desperate. Something more subtle surely.

RL Like what?

TK Something with body language, try it. Eye contact even. Direct eye contact.

RL Or one of your habits like tapping on the table or turning up your collar.

TK Work on it


TK Other things

RL Painting White on White could be much more flexible, like painting white lines on the road, pillars in the entrance space or walls of the actual space. Am I giving too much away?

TK We may not want all this to go public.

RL Not too much talking.

TK Do what you do, Richard. But how about the talking becoming the vocal stuff.

RL Hmm. I talk to you now and again, I show Lillehammer projected, enact some of Skyros, you say to me: “hit the statue; read the book aloud, decorate the motorbike”. I paint white on white in the space. It’s a search for perfection. I buy the cheap watch called Perfect and show it or video it. I replay the video from that day of International Cleaning, of the street sign or the Square.

TK And now that the festival’s kicked off, any more thoughts?

RL English is barely understood, very large audiences. I should minimise the language even more. Video has to be projected and amplified or will be lost. I’d like to work with the audience.

TK No text at all, how would that be?

RL I’ll think about it. It’s ironic that most of the Poles use minimal or no text and I’m planning a bucketload.

TK Just the Poles?

RL Alastair Maclennan was pretty silent, Denyz from Istanbul didn’t speak, nor did Miriam from Italy. Have I got this all wrong?

TK How’d it go in Minsk in 99?

RL Too long ago to recall clearly. Think I just decided to go for it, was a bit unstable at the time.

TK Given the theme of absence around me, silence and minimalism would hit my spot, but with power and intensity.



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