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Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 4
Day 3 • Thursday 3 February 2005 • Bangkok, Thailand

TK I’ve changed my mind

RL What about?

TK Giving my view of Day Two

RL Fine

TK Well?

RL Right. What was your view of Day Two, Tania?

TK It was Jerome’s day. You were negotiating your relationship with him while also negotiating the city. This may explain what was going on with you in Barcelona. Twelve years is a long time. He must be older than me. I like him. He's fallible. It’s a relationship, like you and me. You worked together, we’re working together. Day One was also about relationships. It’s going to plan.

By the way, did you make any conscious art ‘actions’, it wasn’t clear?

RL Struck a couple of poses at the theatre complex, with Jerome on camera. He’d offered to be available as photographer and I was a bit nervous of walking away from a running camera in Bangkok, so I jumped at the offer. Then it turned out he wasn’t flying out to China until Friday morning, so would also be around for Day Three.

TK Were you more production focused then?

RL I spent the morning talking to Varsha and figuring out when to move to the new accommodation.

TK What new accommodation?

RL She had relatives arriving from Hong Kong and Singapore, but there was her friend’s empty apartment not too far away, just by the golf driving range off Soy 26.

TK Don’t try and impress me with your knowledge of Bangkok street names.

RL We scheduled the move for 4pm. I met up with Jerome at 2, back in the coffee shop. We had just under two hours for International Cleaning.

TK Enough time?

RL I thought it would be ample, but it was rushed. I also wanted some time to talk before he flew. It could be another twelve years.

TK Unlikely. Why did International Cleaning take priority?

RL Not sure, seemed like the right approach at this stage, and I’d planned to do one here.

TK Couldn’t the conversation have taken priority? I could have joined in again.

RL It was too tempting to recreate past experience, him on camera, me doing things.

TK So it was a kind of conversation after all.

RL And a collaboration. What a relief to have someone trusted on camera. And who also knew the city and how people might react.

TK Did you have locations in mind?

RL No, but we didn’t need to go far. I think we shot/performed three altogether, and a ‘standing still’ beside the massively busy road called Sukhumvit.

I cleaned: 1. A Harley Davidson (Honda equivalent), 2. Some vegetation, 3. A lamppost with a vast gold backdrop of “The Best King Ever” in English (J’s idea), with a cloth borrowed from Varsha. The motorbike was parked on the pavement. J went into the shop and asked permission on my behalf, said I was going round the world cleaning things. They said ok.

TK Have you looked over any of the video yet?

RL Not yet.

TK What was it like saying goodbye?

RL Ok. Sad. We’ll exchange emails while he’s in China. He may be included in a photography show here in March that Varsha’s curating. I showed her some of his pictures from the small box I came away from his apartment with on Wednesday night. It feels ongoing. What’s your view?

TK I’m more interested in how you worked together than in the footage he shot of you ‘doing’ things. I can imagine it without seeing it. Then there’s how you’re now negotiating the internet cafés to write up our dialogues, in the evenings, and with a two-day gap. I’d like you to experience this as a
continuum, not a ‘doing’ and a ‘framing’, and the other stuff that you don’t tell me about.

RL What other stuff?

TK Like shopping or taxi rides. This time it can all be different levels of the same attuned perceptual state. Like how riding the punctured moped eventually became in Skyros. No in or out, just in, but not as ‘in’ as you think you need to be. Which is why I’m not so interested in International Cleaning here. It seems like a side show.

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