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from day 3


Richard Layzell – Talking to Tania 2
Day 3 • Sunday 19 September 2004 • London

TK Is this too close for comfort?

RL How do you mean?

RL I could do with a break

TK Sorry

RL Really?

TK I’d like to be there, Richard, and not just to give you a break…

RL I’m not convinced. But anyway, your works have been getting attention.

TK Surprised?

RL A bit. I thought our installation was the thing. Maybe your pieces are easier on the eye, and the brain.

TK I do know what I’m doing, as a matter of fact. This is my work. I want my work to communicate more clearly than yours. And it does. It sells, you know.

RL Two guys came in a while ago, may have been a gay couple.

TK What’s their orientation got to do with it?

RL Nothing, only they looked like they were home-making, checking out your work to see if it fitted their décor. I was worried because I thought they were going to ask the price of one of the wall pieces.

TK I thought we’d talked about pricing?

RL Not really

TK I left a price list

RL I didn’t see it

TK Jesus, Richard

RL Well, you should have been here, shouldn’t you. Anyway, they didn’t ask in the end.

TK I don’t think you really wanted to show my work, at all.

RL Yes, I did

TK And it was all from 2000, I’ve moved on so much since then. You could have dated it, you dated most of the other stuff. And I wasn’t comfortable with you showing this body of work.

RL You can’t have everything

TK Maybe I can. This is my career we’re talking about.

RL But the collaborative installation was the main thing for me, I thought it was for you.

TK It’s not as simple as that. This was essentially your studio, remember, that I’d been sub-letting, your stuff was everywhere, I had to claim some space.

RL Ok, but you know you had a major influence on how it looked

TK And how it was conceptualised

RL Yes

TK Why do I get the feeling that you’re giving me credit and not giving me credit at the same time?

RL For goodness sake, Tania, you’ve been credited as a co-collaborator on the door as people come in, your name is up beside your wall and floor pieces, what else was I supposed to do?

TK It’s more to do with your thinking than your actions

RL Collaboration is never easy for me, I thought it had gone really well

TK Did you ever ask me?

RL I’m sure I did. Well let me ask you now.

TK Yes?

RL How do you think the collaboration went, Tania?

TK Pretty well. I liked the concept of the overlap between studio and work, so practice became practice. But that was more about an overlap with your studio practice rather than mine.

RL Anything else?

Get Shirty in Process
—An assemblage of shirts as a biographical visual device and to conceal
TK Give me a chance. I enjoyed participating, drawing your attention to things, like encouraging you to go for the tepee construction and Get Shirty in Process. But it could have gone the other way round too. My work wasn’t the starting point at all, so far as I could see.

So you had to show some of my pieces to balance things out.

RL I’m feeling criticised here

TK That’s your problem. Am I right, though?

RL You only seem to see things from your perspective

TK And you? I hear a lot about your perspective. I thought you’d asked for mine.

RL Ok. But we are at different stages in our careers.

TK So what. We’re talking about a real experience here, a public showing, with both our names credited. I’d like some recognition that goes beyond your titles on the wall and credits on the door.

RL From me?

TK Yes

RL I’d like to work with you again, Tania. Does that seem like recognition?

TK On an installation?

RL Yes, but maybe on other stuff too

TK With a public profile?

RL Yes. Are you interested?

TK Sure. I think we’ve just scratched the surface, turned the corner, crossed the line, started the real talk. This was never going to be the end of it.

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