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At an early stage in the ResCen project, Chris Bannerman devised a set of questions that might help us (six) to track our process, in the moment.

After some months it became clear that we were all fairly reluctant to complete this questionnaire. So I volunteered to re-write the questions. I decided to make it more visual, to cover the mundane as well as the general, and to devise the kind of questions I’d like to answer. I renamed it What Goes On.

To make sure it was workable I answered the questions several times before distributing it to the rest of the group. A relationship developed between myself and the questions. So, when Errollyn, Ghislaine, Graeme, Rosemary and Shobana struggled to make a connection with my version of the questionnaire, it didn't matter. These had become my questions for me. And a process-tracking methodology had begun.

Two years later I devised a simpler set of questions, the kind that Tania might ask/answer (listed here as New Process). This led to a further refinement as the four key questions in the Australian Blog.

Here are examples of completed and uncompleted forms – Stage Two is based on the synthesis of a number of Stage One forms. The forms are presented here as Acrobat pdf files:

pdf icon Original process note questions pdf icon Process completed 29.1.01 – Industry
pdf icon Process stage 1 pdf icon Process completed 01.9.01
pdf icon Process stage 2 pdf icon Process completed 09.1.02
pdf icon Process completed 26.1.01 pdf icon New Process


Australian Blog

During September and October 2003 I posted a daily blog, tracking process as it happened, from the Time Place Space project in Wagga Wagga and the National Review of Live Art in Perth.

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