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Keywords a shinkansen / ResCen project

Specialised terms for performance / technology process and production, in use by shinkansen.

Connectivity - a networking concept linking diverse ideas, processes, people and products into a community which gives and receives from each source or node on the network and which generates multiple links for the benefit of professional development, employment and audience development.

Creative User - a concept at the heart of the development of interactivity in performance work in which the user/public/audience is required to influence, activate or create the artistic experience. - see

Fake Telematics (see also Telematics) - the transmission of audiovisual data between different spaces in adjacent locations through cabling.

Interaction - the relationship between the artist and the media/content and between the user/audience and the media/content which reflects a two-way exchange and involvement in creation, participation and consumption.

Interactive Installation - a form of work which requires the user to activate, create or influence the artistic experience.

Interauthorship - a creation process where each individual involved in the process makes a creative contribution as an equal member of a group and shares ownership (in terms of Intellectual property rights and copyright) of the final product with all other creators.

Motion capture - a technological tool used by dancers to enable the capture of live motion and its transfer into digital data for use in a variety of ways. Some examples of this are the creation of virtual bodies and digital dancing processes, for example the creation of animated avatars, based on the real movements of a dancer and which can move and react.

Online virtual environment - an environment which lives in cyberspace where the media content is digital and accessible via the internet.

Pods - a group collaboration structure based on specialisation within collectivisation. Groups of specialists gather around a theme/activity and share and pool skills throughout the research and production process. For any one project or programme of work, a number of pods can co-exist and interact with each other to generate the final outcome

Planned Informality - a group collaboration strategy which creates an overall framework enabling individuals to work as a group in an open-ended and personalised way. This structure facilitates a working process akin to structured improvisation and maximises individual and group creativity.

Responsive Environment - the creation of space which responds and reacts to data inputs, for example, the human body, sound, movement and visual information.

Telematics - the transmission of audio-visual data between different spaces in remote locations through use of the internet. Performance telematics remotely connects two or more 'stages' and performance pieces are performed live in each space and simultaneously mixed and transmitted to the web.

Virtual Physical Bodies - the blurring boundary between the virtual and the physical which refers to the creation, communication and interaction of real bodies and digital representations of the body.

Wearable computing - computer systems that can be worn on the body to enable connectivity of the human body to computer networks. Wireless applications enable the body to move freely and avoid the restrictions of cables and wires. Equipment can gather data and signals generated by the wearer or other wearers connected to the same system and communicate as a network of data and information, e.g. sensing and movement data.


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