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Background :: Process :: Identity a shinkansen / ResCen project
Identity Exercise - Monday 23 July 2001

The Task:
Arrange five objects in the space and use them to talk of yourself, your identities, your self-definitions.

The lines below were gathered by one participant artist, to condense, compound and conflate some of what was said.

Each of five objects prompted our verbal attempts at identity mapping. Here, the verbal maps have been re-configured as lists cataloguing non-attributed miscellaneous objects.

A resisted, upgraded, non-lost, family-friendly, indispensable mobile phone

Pod flower marker of picking up sticks and stones

A moderately flat, fluid and frustrating flip-chart

A woman collecting images and rugs to jolly along hotels

Road Less Travelled, cheerful that help is at hand in a good book

A birth chart, ongoing in accuracy

The never unreliable sentiment (NUS) card not yet consigned to the past

Anniversary stone caught out of beach-heady attrition to be swaddled and held for the months of our futures remembered

One sparkly bracelet. Step aside or succumb to the lure of accessorize.

The international phone-card for a backpacker escape break from company tours


To look you would not think this is notoriety, siphoned off by a human vacuum

Condom pang of growing up, late 80s style

Sat by someone orange, and the poem has oranges in it

Is to not play to have given up only perfect pitch of A?

Once a stone, but that has been given up in recent months

A locality, a bus-ticket

Putting up house with Lx tape and OH pens

If all things are written down, the filofax takes on a life of its own

Is patience logically determined? Correct answers only

A flyer for loops

One brooch-poised ethereal ballerina. Love of grandmother, passionate to be grounded

Irish beer (diminuted) variously unseen

Paint-stained history in worn trousers

Ubiquitous 80s Rubix cube to be artist-hoarded for eventual use

Love Signs: the household guru book

Sea-swell at St Ives, framed like a favourite aunt, tiny and rococo

Box of bits; Spanish quartz, Christmas farthings, fishy amber and a mislaid lock of hair from a laid-off boyfriend

One laptop: inside view only, but with outside conversion to four-season, off-roader mean machine.

Obsolete super 8 camera with a beat-up, skip-frame quirk

Info-junkie spending patterns

Commitments Declared inseperable

Notebook systems tackle disorder head on, phone-listed and used-up quick

Broken mechanical toys to assemble and dissemble

Book of Chinese philosophy - each view of equal validity

Separate elements in communication, on sharing domestic space in Tokyo

Laptop network: in China, quittance as great artist in China to be in cell-to-cell multi-aesthetic

A wish to drink sound water on Walden pond. Same space, same time. prototypical co-existence in late-capitalism.

An inhaler, 'the bomb', carried on one's person at all times

Choreographic lap-top communicator with DVD for superman-Hitchcock elision

Green movie light - skip class (tell mother)

Cultivating a feminine side in at home dressing-down

Macho long nails for a vampiric party-turn

Out of focus tattoo printed as becoming-self

A first plane ticket (but not to Ibiza), gadgets and hundreds of CDs

Marmite each morning, mailed from Australia

Blood spilled on canvas, bejewelled

Flicker of a remote control

Old images at the doors of Perception; no images at home

Felt notes stuck in notes

Brains downloadable into several endings and marionettes

Pear recipes - careful eating

Voluptuous frills for imaginative defrizz

Fashion articles to keep up and in

At a flip flop flap pace

Which passport for today?

Feminine geminine figurine

A bag of keys

Rooster of warding, to be worn to breaking point

Tin whistle

A spoon folded and hammered in on itself, presaging the mathematical exploration of surface

Hair dye, chop off

Haunting illegality, never lent

Slow descent and squeeze of a chandelier

Order declining to nothing

Memento of upright dignity

Scrap reminder of speed of CD-writer and

Adapters, splitters, B+C over-spilling

Mini-disc player, New York in miniature

Go brush your hair

French cigarettes in packet written in Greek, enjoyed with English iced tea

Identity cards identify one different each time

Whose self is my?

Bag collecting disguised as travel

Gel foundation

Red cross blue mat

Banana all-consumed

A purse never wanted

A once wallet now decade LT travelcard

Clock-time of 10 days

60mins, cherished white noise

Somnambulant rhizome in concrete

Thinking that comes down finally, impressed by the scenic

Dance no dance, and beer

At your service, water-bearer or dragon

Grey area living at large

Twenty-four replications of the camera-phobic

Chinese folk dance of new things found in a bag

Too thick tape from Taiwan

Water drunk for health and youth

Wriggly toed socks and Japanese sandals

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