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- [ The original information on these pages is left intact below for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES, but the project is now finished and some of the links below will not be accurate. ]

Streaming Rehearsals

There will often be the possibility to view working sessions taking place between 9 am and 7 pm (Arizona time or Pacific Daylight Savings time -- or 8 hours behind London, UK -- check this World Time Zone site). There are three different ways to do this utilising two different cameras.

(1) One is a remote controllable camera that can be accessed through this URL:

(2) The other is the Rehearsal Stream (which will also eventually be used as the Research Presentation stream). An approximate rehearsal schedule can be found here.

If you need the viewers for the streams you can go here to download them: Quicktime Viewer and the Realplayer Free 8 Basic Beta Viewer for the PC. If you are a Mac user try the Realplayer Free 7 Basic.

If you have difficulty viewing either of these do the following (and you may so try these):

Quicktime stream - 50 - 150 kbps depending the amount of motion
To access:
Open your QT Player
Under "File" select "Open URL"

For the High-bandwidth stream (1.5Mbps) enter rtsp://

For the Mid-bandwidth stream (150-250kbps) enter rtsp://

For the Low-bandwidth stream (28.8kbps) enter rtsp://

Real stream - SureStream (multiple stream) encode 28.8K, 56K, LAN
speeds. Dependent on your connection.
To access:
Open your Real viewer
Under "File" select "Open Location"
enter rtsp://